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Becoming a kundalini yoga teacher

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In a Nutshell

We mainly have two books to offer, both of them are in French, we are working on an English version. If you want to be updated when we are through with them, send us your contact :

  • “Sannyas sur la voie du tantra” – “Sannyas on the pathway of Tantra”
  • “Yoga Tantra & Kundalini Yoga” – Yoga Tantra & Kundalini Yoga

Yoga, TAntra and Kundalni Yoga

Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou) – French Ed.


Yoga & Me Ottawa Gatineau - Book store - Yoga, Tantra and Kundalini Yoga - Anand Sharabi

A practical manual of Kundalini yoga, you will find in the first part of this work a theoretical approach, a practical approach and the detailed description of classical postures. 

The second part is a well-prepared kriyas and mediations collection:

  • 25 kriyas designed by Yogi Bhajan,
  • over 45 designed by Anand Sharabi
  • over 25 meditations.


SAnnyas sur le voie du Tantra

Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou) – French Ed.


Sannyas sur la voie du Tantra - Anand Sharabi

Autobiography of Jean Jacques Rigou (Anand Sharabi), founder of the Tantra School.

This genuine personal initiatory adventure, which is told with simplicity and depth, gives us a new perspective of the way of Neo Sannyasssin, a path of ordinarity in contact and service to the divine.



Practice Products

In a Nutshell

Here are the basic set you need to practice kundalini yoga

In each of our Studios, 10 sets are available for your 1st classes. Once you’re settled with us, you’re expected to bring your personal set.

The practice products presented here is sold only to our students as a convenience and no profit is made on the price.

Yoga Mats

Kundalini yoga mats are thin and light, comfortable yet not too thick (maximum 6mm). Take care not to choose a slippery mat (as often in the gyms), some of the posture will require that you have a firm grip with your feet and hands. 


Yoga & Me Ottawa Gatineau - Yoga Mats

Yoga Bricks and cushions

Some of the Kundalini yoga postures require your spine to be straight. In this case straight means that it assumes its natural vertical position with its natural lordosis and kyphosis => see here

In order to “build your vertical structure”, you need proper foundation, that is why you need a cushion or a brick to sit on and have your ischium (lower pelvis) tilted forward.

Yoga & Me Ottawa Gatineau - Yoga Bricks


During the relaxation phase, you will need a comfortable blanket to let fo of any tension after the kriya workout. It is better if this blanket is made of natural fabric to prevent static intereference.


Yoga & Me Ottawa Gatineau - Yoga Blankets


Money should not hinder your right to a better life. If you have financial issues, do not hesitate to call us, we can work out a solution tailored to your needs.

You can find information on our arrangements as well as payment and refund policies here.

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