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About Us


About Us

We are a group of people offering to those who demand it a support on their development path. This support can be required during a phase of expansion, liberation, healing, mourning, opening up or any other phase, we will do our best to support your effort without interfering with your own trajectory.

To support you we have at our disposal the rich education created by the Ecole du Tantra in France, a comprehensive approach including a chosen set of complementary techniques among which are Kundalini Yoga, Holistic Therapy and Tantra.

This education that we started in 2008 in the Chateau Laroque, the siege of the Ecole du Tantra, is more than a “know how”, it’s a way of life that we committed to : to be of service, and through service, grow ourserlves in love.

This education is an ongoing process and we learn everyday, from experience, from life, from the delicate act of helping others.

Our Foundations



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Our HIstory

Non profit organisation

Our History

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Our Community



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Our Approach

Humanistic – person centered – transpersonal


Our Approach

Yoga Therapy – You cannot separate yoga from therapy from tantra – There is a continuum between theses practices and it’s you

Our Difference

a Heart centered teaching

Our Difference

Pitch : integrative, mature, fun, adaptative, loving and patients centered, not ego centered

Our Team of Teachers

Our Team

We are two teachers and holistic therapists, as a Shiva-Shakti couple. 

In Tantra, Shiva represents the male energy and Shakti represents the female energy . The combined energies of the two creates the Cosmos. We hope that our combined energies can bring your the best teaching and support possible

Kundalini  Yoga Teacher – Therapist

Hi, I discovered the Kundalini yoga through a white tantra session and fell in love immediately.  I love Teachings, I love Practicing, I love Meditating. 


Wednesday 4:30pm @shiatsu-do

Wednesday 6:00pm @shiatsu-do

Our Students

Ottawa and Gatineau


Here are some of the testimonies our students have given us over the years. They are keyholes through witch you can peep into our offer’s effect. The best way is to make your own opinion by trying out.

After having tested different kinds of yoga (even in China) including Kundalini classes, I had a real crush on this class.
Indeed, we are far from gym class for grannies fitness clubs! We are far from the clichés of yoga only “to relax” or “relax”. It’s more than that!

There is a good balance between physical practice, relaxation and meditation (these are the three stages of the course). I come out of this course in great shape, feeling good in my body and clear, serene ideas. I have energy to spare (pity it’s 9pm ^ ^)!

The particularity of this class for me is the accuracy of its spiritual dimension. Indeed, all the exercises have a goal in connection with the life of the spirit, and we end with a chanting meditation that offers us a magical inner journey or a connection with the positive energies of the sometimes upsetting universe.

This song of the heart allows us to discover all our inner riches and to feel in communion with others. Enough to feel strong and radiant with love. For to discover one’s self and to conquer one’s inner peace would be somewhat futile if it did not make us able to open ourselves to others and bring Joy, Peace and Love around us. 

The relaxations are also very refreshing (I have a predilection for those with singing bowls). If only I could be so relaxed when I want to fall asleep! In the long term, these classes allow me to feel good in my body (muscle tone, stretching, flexibility), to stand up straight, and especially to react with more hindsight in the anxiety-provoking situations of everyday life.

From the first weeks, my sleep has regulated and I do not wake up more tired as before. In fact, I was surprised to see all these effects, I did not hope for so much! 



I had tested several yoga classes before doing a Kundalini yoga test session. I was pretty surprised at first because it is a much more tonic yoga than the ones I had practiced before.

And at the same time, I was disconcerted by the importance given to meditation during the course.

Gradually, I realized the interest to start and close the course with a mantra or to take a meditation time at the end of the session, before leaving this space a little apart that is the yoga class .

Beyond that, I quickly felt the soothing and deeply “stirring” effects of this alternating physical effort and meditative pause. 

I believe that what Kundalini Yoga gives me most is the discovery of sensations and ways of being to myself that I did not suspect.

Calmness, letting go and patience to get positive attitudes in oneself are little valued in everyday life in general and in my own way of being. 

In this sense, the Kundalini yoga class is not a hobby like any other but a time when I take care of myself to be better with others then.


Kundalini yoga has been a great discovery for me. Until then yoga bored me, with this practice a new horizon appeared to me.

The postures are intense but brief and varied. The mixture of postures, mudras, breaths, mantras is particularly mobilizing and energizing. With this practice I realized that I could surpass myself.

All this is reflected in my daily life where evolutions, changes appear in my way of seeingthe world and my life.
It is also important for me to attend classes during the days when I feel intense fatigue as it allows me to recharge my batteries and store energy for the rest of the week.

In short! To try out Kundalini Yoga is to adopt it!


Kundalini yoga is first and foremost a gift that I offer myself. It’s an hour when I allow myself to find myself and go out of my daily life

And much more. It’s been two years since I was looking for a yoga class that integrates the body, breaths, relaxation and energies.

And I found it in this ancestral yoga, where the course is divided into several parts.

First the postures that allow me to connect to myself and discover my body differently, no longer in sports performance but in the reception of what I feel. The breaths, and the awareness of their importance in everyday life. Mastering one’s breath feeling like mastering those emotions, channelling one’s energy, letting go and connecting oneself to oneself.

Then comes the time of meditation to simply welcome my feelings and everything that happens in my body, without judgment or thought.

All this to say that kundalini yoga is a journey towards oneself, towards others and the world around us. It is therefore a moment of intense happiness where I refuel and energize.

So, more serene in my everyday life, I feel light, calm, peaceful, good with myself and happy internally. My eyes and my ability to see the world is more serene, more creative. I take things as they come with enough distance to stay calm while facing stress, issues and obligations of everyday life.

I also felt, since September when I started my practice, an evolution in my relations which are more just, fluid and respectful.

And I will end with all that kundalini yoga brings me in the knowledge of myself, both physically and mentally because it is also a great tool for personal development. At each session, the feeling becomes more powerful, the sensations are refined, the breaths fluid and natural and the spirit calmed, I am relaxed, in the acceptance that life has to offer me beauty.


Our Students Creative Projects

Because it’s all about you !

Creative projects

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Our School

a Heart centered teaching

Our School

Yoga & Me is a school following and transmitting the teachings of the Ecole du Tantra in France. The Ecole du Tantra have been created 35 years ago by Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou), a Tantric Master who received his initiation and teachings from proeminent Masters like Osho and Yogi Bhajan.

Over the past 35 years, Anand Sharabi created a ground-breaking innovative approach to human healing en development.

This approach is an integrated combination of the eastern techniques and wisdom of the past (Tantra, Yoga, Meditation) with the latest approaches and techniques in human healing and growth uncovered in the west (Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Humanistic approach, Human Potential, Person Centered Therapy)

This approach is ground breaking as a whole, here are some elements of a very complex development and healing system.

  • in its approach, it is similar in its core with the person centered approach (Carl Rogers) while surpassing it, including the proper use of positive countertransference, the use of abreaction (channelled catharsis) techniques and the opening to the transpersonal experience of the patient
  • in its form by discovering a new healing process called the “passage” : when a group of entrusted individuals bound together to help one individual who request it through a personal transformation he would not have been able to achieve without their help. Passage, so intimately powerful that all member of the group are, at their level, transformed by the experience
  • in its healing approach, where the act of discovering, understanding, accepting and ultimately healig a specific past wound actually happens at the deeper level in the person’s psyche (some would say at the cellular level)
  • in its working mechanism, by setting into motion a chain of human healing and development . In this golden chain, those with a demand are helped by those who have committed to give and who have received in the past from the same golden chain. 
  • in its continuous evolution process, by setting, at the center of its teaching the paramount importance to question onself at each step of the process, with one central axis : what is best for the person who demand support.
  • etc…










In all matters related to supporting individuals, a strong code of Deontology and Ethics is compulsory. 

Our approach involving in some of its aspects emotional work, regression work and the emotional involvement of the teacher or therapist we have built a strong code of Ethics.

Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

A code is essential, and following it is paramount 

Our Guests Teachers

The Tantric School of France

Guest Teachers

Guest teachers are essential to the breathing of a school, to keep openness and welcome higher education still


The founder of the “ecole du tantra” – he invented and compiled all our teachings


One of the 4 cofounder of the “ecole du tantra” – she was a major part of the devlopment and refinement process of the ecole du tantra


One of the 4 cofounder of the “ecole du tantra” – she is great


One of the 4 cofounder of the “ecole du tantra” – she was particularly proficient in the introduction and integration of the therapeutic approaches

Our PArtners

France – Canada


Partners are essential, to grow, challenge and play with….


our brother association that promotes the values of the ecole du tantra with us


Our master massage therapist


One of the great “spin off” to the ecole du tantra in france


And of course our “head quarter, in france”

French English friendly

We adapt our language to the your needs


All our teachers are fluent in English and French and all activities are French and English friendly, if you have language issues we will provide an adaptation for your convenience



We provide you with plenty of ressources and amazing event to boost your practice

Practice, practice, practice

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