The Consciousness

The Consciousness

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 The consciousness in the oriental sense of the term is as difficult to understand for Westerners as the notion of meditation. 

In the West the notion of consciousness appeals to a critical view of what we do or think and a judgment made. We teach our children that to have “good conscience”, we must do this and not do that. 

They are also told that to be in harmony with one’s conscience one must not do certain things, the deadly sins are good examples. 

In the East, the notion of consciousness is the ability we all have to have an objective view of what is, the clairvoyance we all enjoy. And the only way to have an objective opinion is not to judge what we see, otherwise we paint reality with our judgement and become blind to it. 

When we take an objective look at what is, devoid of all filter, all judgment, we cannot bu have a loving look. 

Thus the four central notions of the Ecole du Tantra, which are in fact one and the same version of the same:

  • love,
  • consciousness,
  • freedom,
  • creativity.


Why develop it? From matter to the awakening of consciousness

From matter to the awakening of consciousness

To be conscious is to be free. 

Free of oneself and free of others, it is to have a clear mind on what motivates our actions, the orientations of our fears and our desires, it is to be serene while perfectly accepting what happens. 

It is being able to act right from the center and being able to follow these actions to accompany your own creativity. 

As a human being, we naturraly grow and develop our consciousness, it is an adventure that we all experience, from the moment of our birth to the end of our days.

The higher we rise in awareness, the more we are free to discover and nurture our most intimate and valuable resources and abilities. 

Kundalini energy itself is the inexplicable capacity of matter to “rise in consciousness” to elevate its vibratory level, become more complex, more refined and join the universal consciousness.


Towards a state of free consciousness

The awakening of consciousness is a leap from a state of semi-sleep, the “normal” state, to a “waking” state where the understanding of what is being played out in us is clear and immediate.

Those who have experienced this awakening agree that the difference between the “normal” state and the state of awakening is the same as between the state of sleep and the “normal” state.

When we sleep, we live in a world of dreams unrelated to objective reality, we are locked in our illusions that take the form of a real lived experience.

When we wake up in the morning, in this “normal” state, we also live in a world of illusions, we constantly project ideas, words, concepts, judgments about what surrounds us, and thereby, we have the impression of “mastering the world around us”, but here again it is only illusions unrelated to the real world, here too we live in the confinement of our mind.

For example, if I walk down the street and see a tree, I can think “it’s a tree” yet after that, I can not see the tree anymore, I see the concept of the tree, I planted on the tree an idea that I have inside of me, which I have learned, an experience that I have inside me, frozen.

The awakening is to see the world as it is, it is to stop planting an illusion without reality on the world and to interact with this “world of illusions”.

Awakening is having the opportunity to have a creative and happy relationship to the world.

According to Yogi Bhajan, practicing Kundalini yoga is taking the highway on the road to enlightenment.

By a powerful practice, by the depth of the states of consciousness  reached during the practice and by the action of alignment, it reveals itself as a yoga of the awakening for all.

HURDLES preventing the AWAKENING

A path of openness and humility, realism

Of course, developing one’s consciousness presents some difficulties, it becomes more and more difficult to lie to oneself, the awareness of what is working in us, makes us quickly understand that our ego is only a tiny part of ourselves, and in the early days this may involve some suffering (of the ego).

Indeed, when we encounter an emotional ordeal too big for us to assimilate, we “build a wall of illusions” that allows us to resist the shock.

Subsequently, once recovered from our emotions, this “wall of illusions” remains and hampers our ability to meet the world as it is and we live in a re-actualization of the permanent past.

For example, a 6-year-old boy who gets lost in a supermarket may develop the belief that “if he is not careful, his safety can be questioned at any time”.

As an adult, he will react to this fear by surrounding himself with safety and avoiding “letting go”. His ability to create, to trust others and himself will be disrupted.

All these conditioning block the evolution if one does not practice a “path of conscience”.

When we practice, undertake a therapy, or simply adopt an attitude of honesty with ourselves, we put ourselves in a position that promote and absorb tensions related to liberation. Kundalini yoga is a powerful tool for raising consciousness. Kundalini energy is the inexplicable capacity of the material to “rise in consciousness” by raising its vibratory level and join the universal consciousness. Therapy is applied to the most tenacious neuroses, leaning on the conscience to release what must be released.

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