The Mudras – Hands & Arms Postures

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The Mudras – Hands and ArmS Postures


A Gesture and a Posture

Hands are considered in yoga not only as functional but also as “magical” organs. 

Our hands are the most perfect expression of what we are globally, but also of our moods of every moment. 

Each zone of the hand constitutes a reflex zone which is related to certain parts of the body, certain organs and certain areas of the brain. Each zone also corresponds to different emotional states as well as behavioral states. By the help of specific gestures of the fingers, stretching them by crossing them and applying certain pressures between the fingers, it is possible to speak to the body as to the mind. Hands are a real “programming tool” for acting on our body / mind computer. Each mudra is in itself a technique for conveying specific messages to the energetic system of our body / mind apparatus. In Kundalini Yoga, a mudra will often be practical in combination with a mantra, breathing, posture, concentration, all of which potentiate one another.

Gyan Mudra

The tip of the thumb is in contact with the tip of the index finger. This stimulates our ability to know and assimilate. 

The energy of the index is symbolically related to Jupiter, the planet that represents expansion. When very often used, this mudra will bring receptivity and inner tranquility. The “active” form of this mudra is as follows: the nail of the index is placed under the second phalanx of the thumb.

Shuni Mudra

The tip of the middle finger is in contact with the tip of the thumb. This mudra brings patience and discernment. 

The major is associated with Saturn which represents the main tasks, the law of karma, the responsibility and the courage that one brings to the work.

Surya or Ravi Mudra

The tip of the ring finger touches the thumb. This mudra revitalizes the energy and strengthen of the nervous system. 

The annular is associated with the Sun or Uranus. The Sun is energy, the vital and sexual force, whereas Uranus represents the strength of the nervous system, the intuition and change.

Budhi Mudra

The tip of the little finger touches the tip of the thumb. The practice of this mudra promotes the ability to communicate clearly and intuitively. 

It stimulates psychic development. The little finger represents Mercury which is associated with the power of communication and speed.

Venus Lock

This mudra is very often used in Kundalini Yoga. Its name comes from the fact that it connects the positive and negative sides of the Venus mound of each hand with the thumbs. 

The thumbs represent the ego. The mound of Venus is the fleshy part at the base of the thumb. This zone is associated with Venus, which represents the energy of sensuality and sexuality.


This mudra helps channeling the sexual energy and promotes glandular balance. To form this mudra, place your hands against each other and interlace your fingers.

Prayer Mudra

Hands clasped together. The right side of the body (male, positive) and the left side (female, negative) are neutralized, which creates a sense of internal harmony. 

It is always used to open and close a Kundalini Yoga class when the Adi mantra and the Bij mantra are chanted.

The Bear Handle Mudra

For the bear’s handle, place the palm of the left hand outward at the chest level.


The right hand is at the same level and palm is turned towards the chest. Hook the fingers of both hands together by folding them. This mudra is used to stimulate the heart chakra and to intensify concentration.

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