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In a Nutshell

An ancient way of life

Tantra is an ancient way of life and wisdom that reaches beyond practices and beliefs.

Tantra is an initiatory way enabling the tantrica to grow in awareness with himself and the universe. Through Yoga, Meditation techniques, the tantrica purifies his own perception and refines his ability to understand, see, feel the reality as it is and not through his need/threat filter, inherited from the past (not only from his animal nature but from past lives, ancestors..)

a Humanistic approach before Time

HumAN AND UNIVERS in harmony

The Hindu tradition as well as the Western tradition conceive the evolution of humanity as not being linear but cyclical.

For Hindus a human cycle (manvatara) is divided into four ages (Yugas) which mark a gradual obscuration of primordial spirituality. The knowledge of the laws of universal harmony was total in our ancestor of Satya-yuga (or golden age according to Hesiod).

This mas of the past was endowed with a “third eye”, of which many legends in various civilizations have kept the memory, which was his main instrument to know the laws that linked him to his creator.

This knowledge then becomes darker (the pineal gland atrophied) as one advances in time, passing through the Treta-yuga (Silver Age), the Dvapara-yuga (Bronze Age). ), to finally get lost in a materialistic phase where the essence of all spirituality is three-quarters veiled: the Kali-yuga (iron age).

This is how Shri Aurobindo describes these cycles:

“In man the creative activity of God always moves in circles: from satya-yuga to kali-yuga and from kali-yuga back to satya-yuga, from the golden age to the age of iron and new return from the iron age to the golden age In modern terminology satya yuga is a period of the world during which a stable and sufficient harmony is created and where man realizes for a time in certain conditions and limitations the perfection of his being.

Harmony exists in its nature by the force of a well-established purity, but then it begins to deteriorate and in the Treta-yuga the man maintains it by the force of the individual and collective will.


Then it deteriorates further and in the Dvapara-yuga the man tries to maintain it by an intellectual regulation and a general agreement. In the kali-yuga it collapses and finally it is destroyed.


But the Kali-yuga is not only bad because it is in him that progressively elaborate the necessary conditions for a new satya-yuga, another harmony, a more advanced perfection “.

WOMAN's position restored in Tantrism

In Tantrism, men and women are not considered equal but complementary.

The relationship between man and woman thus becomes a creative interaction in which all contradictions can be solved.

The woman is identified with Shakti the divine mother of the universe as a symbol of the active principle. It is considered as the driving force of all evolution and becomes the divine inspirer of man by acting as an intermediary between the transcendent and the immanent.

The woman by her aptitude for interiorization and her greater sensitivity is closer to the divine. Moreover, it is the symbol of regeneration.

The woman must therefore be loved and respected as the great giver of life the “creativity of the Creator”.


During the reign of darkness and materialism (kali-yuga) man no longer has the spontaneity and spiritual vigor he once enjoyed.

According to Tantrism,

“traditional spiritual wayas based on asceticism and renunciation of the world have become in most cases unable to directly access the state of yoga”.

To do this, he must “go upstream”, that is to say, from the fundamental and specific experiences of his fallen condition.

It is no longer through withdrawal from life that man can recover his original identity with the cosmos, but by “the fullest possible acceptance of his desires, of his feelings and the situations he encounters as to be human “(Ajit Mookerjie,” The Way of Tantra “).

Yoga of Tantric inspiration is therefore a yoga of wholeness and not a yoga of renunciation in that it does not exclude the enjoyment of life to reach the highest levels of development of the human person towards the infinite which is its source.

“Tantrism, as a last resort, is in its true nature an encyclopaedic science,” says Sir John Woodroffe, whose work on tantric yoga is authoritative in this regard (The Power of the Serpent).

It is indeed a complete and comprehensive science that affects all areas of knowledge: cosmology, metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, medicine, etc …

This is not an experimental science in the Western sense of the term  to the extent that the effectiveness of scientific norms is not based primarily on empirical verification but on the basis of psychic experimentation, of work on oneself.

The experimental field of this science is therefore not the objective world but the subjective world.

One must, however, be careful not to see in Tantrism anything but an intellectual knowledge. It is much more composed of practical means and techniques of self-realization than pure speculation.

These techniques and knowledge go back to the pre-Aryan civilizations of the Hindu valley and have been transmitted by various traditions to us.

Long before the advent of written history these yogic techniques were used in the villages of ancient India and integrated into everyday life.

At that time there were no “initiatory” secrets of “private” mantras any more than the cult of the personality existed. There were only sages known for their humility, their virtue and their knowledge as practical as profound. These men refused to be raised above the masses and when they were cheered they humbly returned the acclamations to those who were their originators.

Among them, there are many yogini who could develop their physical abilities and their perception beyond ordinary limits. In addition to living a longer and wholesome life, they had the ability to heal others and considered “parapsychological” phenomena as normal.

Their approach to human disease and health was in terms of energy. They regarded man as an organized unit of energy that bathes in the entire spectrum of the different types of energy that are at work in the cosmos and that form the foundation of it.

When they looked at a person’s body, what they saw was an envelope of energy around their physical body that reflects all the energies at work in the body and mind of the individual.

From the perspective of a knowledge based on the direct observation and the use of their “powers” they created techniques able to act on this energy, to harmonize it, to develop its potential so that it serves the best -being physical and mental of each.

At the time it was not a physical activity, but it was not experienced as a simple medicine either. The sacred and the profane were still confused in the observation and study of energy, its functioning and its role in the creation, organization and destruction of life at all levels.

At the advent of writing, all these practices in the science of energy were gradually codified in texts, the Tantras and Tantric doctrine or rather a Tantric worldview was developed from this traditional science. .

THE Foundations Of Tantrism

Trantrism, as well as Chinese Taoism or Western hermetic tradition, considers that everything manifested comes from two poles, one negative and the other positive.

Masculine and feminine, expansion and contraction, shadow and light, etc … the universe moves by the inter-relation of these opposites and this movement is eternally the subject of cycles. Generation, Organization, Destruction (G.O.D. in English: God).

The life of the universe at all levels is the result of the interactivity of these opposing forces. All that manifests in the universe does not escape this law of polarity which begins with the static nucleus of the atom and the dynamic electrons gravitating around it, which passes through the male / female polarity and which encompasses all contrary as driving forces of a single ALL of which they proceed.

It is this law of polarity that makes the relativity of everything that exists in the universe and that submits any manifestation to cycles that make it evolve from one pole to another.

To merge with the dynamic created by these two poles by living their opposition as complementary rather than conflictual, to awaken and realize in oneself this integrated totality of polarities and to reach the transcendent plane where these opposites are perceived as ONE, is the goal of all tantric practice. .

The tantrika (adept of Tantrism) will therefore seek in his practice to dissolve everything that is fixed in duality in his nature. For this he sets in motion his highest energy potential, the cosmic energy that is in him and that in ordinary conditions only gives him a tiny part of his potential to enable him to survive in the world of duality (on the human level) will be stimulated to combine the polarities that are in him: masculine / feminine, active / passive, dynamic / static.

This energy, called KUNDALINI in tantric texts, once awakened will express itself as a creative force on all levels of its being leading it out of the torpor and slavery that are the lot of the ordinary man towards the state of awakening, inner freedom of the one who has achieved “union” (yoga).

In the state of awakening, man automatically finds harmony between the dialectical components of each situation. This harmony which is the union of opposites ends in obtaining a state of consciousness that transcends the “I” and “the other”, a state of unity that is the goal of all yoga.

To this end tantrika uses all things, “good” or “bad”. Transcending the good and the bad, he transmits them in order to reach his goal, the liberation which will also give him power. For the tantrika there is no dogmatic morality, all things are considered only in its polar aspect, the finite aspect of things, their aesthetic content, their value, have no importance.

For him, life is an oscillation between negative and positive forces that must be harmonized. For this he is determined to consider everything in his life as a means of realization, any act of the body or the mind, any circumstance, any sensation is enhanced and put to profit.

Most traditional spiritual ways claim that the path to the ALL, the source of truth of wisdom and happiness, goes through a fierce repression (in the form of asceticism and will) of all the physical and mental faculties that make us perceive the world. and the universe as a chaotic assembly of separate elements (MAYA).

The Tantric path, on the contrary, claims that all faculties (including the senses, emotions, intellect) must be developed at their highest potential in order to be transported through a process of refinement of the energies they represent towards the PURE. DIVINE ENERGY which is at their origin.

The sensual pleasure in this case can become the raw material on which one works to rise towards enlightenment.

The Tantric way does not say: “You must abstain from the pleasures of this world and their enjoyment, mortify your flesh and obey the commandments of a God the jealous and severe father”. His teaching is rather: “Raise your level of enjoyment to its highest potential then use it as fuel for your spiritual elevation.

This seemingly easy path is actually the most difficult because the risk of sinking into the trap of a sterile, ego centered hedonism (and become willful prisoner of it) is great. It requires from the follower a great inner purity and a firm and constant concentration towards the spiritual goal through a very strict discipline and an unshakeable determination.

We see how with Tantrism, yoga gets back to be in the service of life, it is no longer apart from the the world, it is instead to apply to live transcending all the acts of the human condition in them. valuing spiritually.

Every act becomes a source of ecstasy

Let’s be clear about sexuality !

Tantra has nothing to do with any kind of sex practice

A historical misconception

When the 1st westerns arrived in India, they saw with their pathological eyes a new culture, interpreting their difference through their own filters. In Western culture, where christianism has long been the major spiritual movement, the “lower chakras” are usually rejected, associated with the devil : money, sexuality, personality. Considering only “good” the upper part of the man : heart, mind, consciousness and connection with the father god.

While the Tantrica approach is to reach god through every aspect of life : work, devotion, frienship, sexuality, commitment to the community.. etc.. in our Western culture it was not the case.

The newcomers were horrified that not only tantricas were not shameful of their sexuality by they claimed that it was a way of reaching God.

That was too much and the westerners focused on the part of this new culture they were the less comfortable with : they declared that tantra was a sexual practice and rejected it while being fascinated by it.

This legend still endure, which should not come as a surprise, after all, even after the 1970’s sexual liberation, sexuality remains in the human experience one of the most wounded part.

Our approach of Tantra does not reject sexuality, it does not focus on sexuality either. Like the teachings of the past, through tantra we learn that every aspect of the human experience can be sacred and a place to enjoy while growing in consciousness.

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Tantra is the way of creative living

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Humanistic approach before Time

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What is initiation ?

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Humanistic approach before Time

Pitch : “describe in what way tantra was a humanistic therapy before time or maslow and rogers were tantrika without knowing it”

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