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Holistic Coaching & Therapy Info

In a Nutshell

You will find in this section holistic therapy related information : its potency, its characteristics, its approaches and its history

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Emotional Therapy

The therapeutic dimension at the service of the person.

The experience of life as we feel it can be beautiful, radiant, free and pleasing, as it can remain dull or be diminished by limiting sufferings.

The human experience , its potential for fulfillment & The wheel of Karma

It can happen that the being feels helpless while facing his/her limitations or sufferings, letting self-fulfillment and healing to happen on their own, thus adopting a passive and wait-and-see attitude to life.

Time passes, and finally, little changes in the expected direction. This confirms the beliefs that “I am like this”, and the karma wheel continues to work at my expense.

Another attitude towards life

It is possible to apprehend life in a more active, more mature way. It consists in taking the path of self-knowledge. This movement, through self-discovery experiences, triggers innate psychic and emotional mechanisms of self healing leading to transformation.

Every step on this path leads to a perception of oneself as responsible and autonomous. Every step on this path frees a little more of what previously prevented access to its true potential for life, creativity and consciousness. And allows to have a more objective view of oneself.

The path of freedom begins.

THE BENEFITS Of Holistic Therapy

The personal development movement has many forms having the same end:

To accompany the person in the discovery of his/herself, his/her resources, his/her legacies, his/her memories and his/her sufferings to allow him/her to “develop” in his/her concrete reality every day.

Humanistic Therapy can help you : 

  • Improve your quality of life
  • Realize your aspirations and dreams
  • Develop autonomy, responsibility and freedom from people, institutions and situations
  • Unlock access to your full potential and vital resources
  • Improve performance, communicate better, manage stress, assert yourself
  • Develop optimism and confidence in yourself and others
  • Get rid of certain pathological aspects (shyness, anxiety, depression, phobia, anxiety)
  • Reduce your suffering
  • Better cope with the great tress of life :  separation, questioning, loneliness and death
  • Relate creatively with oneself, one’s family and the world
  • Develop your ability to give others love and to receive


Holistic Therapists take a humanistic perspective around human potential.

This perspective puts the human person at the center of his own development, it considers the person as a whole, in his demand of the moment, in his wishes for transformation and implements to achieve his innate capacities and resources.

It detaches itself from the classical therapeutic approach; So, he :

  • Does not consider the problem of the person as an illness to treat, but as a part of the being having its own reason to exist
  • Do not go ahead of requests, being careful not to influence the work of the person “for his/her good”
  • Develops the capacity for choice and responsibility, empowering the person, centering his/her power inside his/herself, not into a “supposed external savior”.
  • Is careful not to put a label, a category on this or that disorder

The action of the humanistic therapist is not only to “get people back on track” by making them fit for “social integration” , but he goes much further, offering a healing that integrates self-fulfillment, well-being, creativity, joy and assertiveness.


A theoretical description of an effective practice is always difficult, not to say impossible.

The person, in his/her past experiences, has engrammed “memories”, “beliefs”, which have “solidified” in his unconscious.

Integrated beliefs will seek to justify themselves and strengthen themselves (the belief “I am shy, I feel bad when I meet people” will make communication difficult, creating destabilizing returns, reinforcing the initial belief of malaise, etc … )

The potential of the being (the heart of the seed), when it wishes to express itself, will go up tainted with these negative beliefs (“I will not be able to do it”, “I’m not worth enough” …)

The magic of the holistic therapy consists of “going towards oneself”, developing a “self-knowledge”, an emotional and empathic approach.

It consists of placing a secure container in which the being can explore what is buried, repressed, hidden, sometimes without his knowledge. When he “goes down in himself”, he becomes aware of what is being played out, in a benevolent attitude towards him.

When the being becomes truly aware of what is being played out in him, he proceeds, in phases, according to a rhythm specific to himself, the resolution of his inner conflicts.

Like a self healing delicate mechanism that requires only the acceptance of what is.

The Transformation

Create the space of transformations

To achieve this “empathic awareness”, this self-acceptance “as it is”, many techniques exist, many containers exist, starting with the patient / therapist relationship that was put forward by Freud

But since Freud, these techniques have matured. They led to:

  • a better understanding of the patient / therapist relationship leading to a greater autonomy of the patient and to a deeper liberation of the being,
  • group therapies to portray interpersonal relationships and use collective energy for healing,
  • techniques of access to unconscious spaces, hitherto inaccessible, based on psycho-corporeal work: movements, breaths, visualizations, vocal expression, etc.,
  • an integration in the therapy, of deep existential elements that are: the love, the conscience and the desire of spirituality,

These new techniques allow, safely, to begin and continue a path of liberation.

Holisitic Workshops

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Group Therapy Encounter Retreats


Holistic Coaching & Therapy is for you

Practice, learn and gather with a mindful community unlike any other.

Humanistic & transpersonal

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Human Potential

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Humanistic therapy

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Transpersonal therapy

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Alternative mecedine

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Holistic Therapy Vs Classical Therapy

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Psychopathology Vs human potential

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Psychotherapists vs therapists

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