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Dead Knowledge is not against wisdom, but it is not live knowledge

Experiencing is knowing

The 1st line of the Dao De Jing (道德經) – that is more commonly know as the “Tao Te King” is : “道可道﹐非常道名可名非常名” : “dao ke dao fei chang dao, mind ke ming fei chang  ming”. 

By this 1st aphorism, Lao Zi (Lao Tseu) means literally: “the truth you are able to utter becomes a perversion of the truth, the name you are able to name  becomes a perversion of the named.”

What the father of the Daoism (Taoism) meant by that is a well-known wisdom of the east : the knowledge can only be discovered through experience – the language and the thinking mind can only distort reality to its own limited understanding.

Knowing helps experiencing

Then, if dead knowledge is “non-true” what’s the use of having an info section at Y&M Website ?

Knowledge can be used to write down techniques, recipes to pass them on to the next generations. 

In this section you will find such recipes and theories that will help you along the way on your path of experience. 

But remember, all theories are false, by essence, it can merely help you build your sandbox where you can experiment your true nature.

4 branches of knowledge


We have gathered for you useful resources and information for the 4 following topics: Yoga-Meditation, Therapy, Tantra and Shamanism. They are interlinked and there are no separations between them except that artificially created in the mind. But since language is a mind domain we have grouped them accordingly.

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