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Yogi Bhajan was born in 1929, in Punjab, India, in a family of Sikh religion and culture.

At 8 years old he became a disciple of Sant Hazara Singh, an enlightened teacher. It was through his severe teaching that he developed his mastery and received awakening, kundalini yoga and martial skills.

At 40, he had a vision in rupture with his peers: the message received was that it was time to deliver the techniques of Kundalini yoga to the world, tht was ready.

Previously, Kundalini yoga was a tantric current protected and reserved to a few elites carefully chosen. For this opening, he was rejected by his peers.

When he arrived in Los Angeles in the 70s, he was put in touch with the addiction problems that followed the hippie period. He focused at first his teaching to help these people to get out of their conditioning and following the success he met, he founded the 3HO: Happy, Holly, Healthy Organization (i.e., happy, sacred, healthy organization).

From there, he developed his teaching by insisting that Kundalini yoga is “the highway to enlightenment” and that this technique arrived at “the right time” to guide men and women from the era of Kali-Yuga (iron age) to Satya-Yuga (golden age).

Thus Yogi Bhajan accompanied humanity towards the age of the Aquarius; this era of transformation from the Kali-Yuga to the Satya-Yuga.

Yogi Bhajan left us on October 6, 2005, at the age of 75.


If we rise for tomorrow, make ourselves valuable, help others, serve others, talk to others, open people’s minds and hearts, share their dreams, and serve them in one way or the other as we can—that will be very pleasant to everybody’s soul. Yogi Bhajan – 12/29/02

In the Raaj Yog, or what is commonly called Kundalini Yoga, in this Shakti Yoga, any teacher who changes the teachings for any reason, destroys himself or herself. Yogi Bhajan – August 1, 1996 



From times immemorial, there has always been only one person at a time, on this planet, who can conduct the white tantra ritual.

This person is named the Tantric Mahan.

There is no proper “designation”, it just happens. In 1970, this quality was passed on to Yogi Bhajan and the form assumed by the white tantra became a variant of Kundalini yoga: lines of practitioners, face to face for a karma-cleansing practice, of this life and past lives.

In 1987, Yogi Bhajan stopped giving white tantra, and 3HO used videos of past white tantra to conduct the white tantra rituals.

One of Yogi Bhajan’s disciples, Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou), the founder of the Ecole du Tantra, received the quality of Tantric Mahan and began giving White Tantra in 1990. Since then he has been giving white tantra in France, and around the world.


Yogi bhajan has passed on more than only the Kundalini yoga techniques; he transmitted to us the intelligence of the heart that underlies his Tantric approach.

Yogi Bhajan once said that he did not teach students or teachers, but that he trained the teachers, the masters, who would be able to guide humanity during the troubled period that is the end of the Kali Yuga era. Thus, he insisted on the purity and endurance of the bodies and minds of his followers.

His teaching also conveyed elements of the Sikh religion as well as the humanology, the science of life according to this religion. But first and foremost, Yogi Bhajan’s teaching focused on the central place of heart and benevolence.



Tantra Yoga is an evolution of Kundalini Yoga, a new technology created and taught by Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou), founder of the Ecole du Tantra.

This new technology conveys the original practice of Kundalini yoga by combining it with dance and meditation, all of which are steeped in the depths of a particular mantra, with varied rhythms.

The result is an amplification of the effects of the yoga sessions as well as the connection to a spirit of celebration and joy that positively stands out from an excessive seriousness that would tend to flatter the spiritual ego. A session of Tantra Yoga takes place in 5 phases of 10 minutes each:

  • Phase 1: a short series of exercises on a precise mantra
  • Phase 2: a dance phase on the same mantra
  • Phase 3: a long and deep relaxation on the mantra
  • Phase 4: a meditation sung on the mantra
  • Phase 5: a silent meditation sitting cross-legged


What is transmitted and understood is in the mystery and the subtlety of the form; it is the substance, conveyed by the form, but is not the form.

Yogi Bhajan said he did not train yoga teachers, but trained masters. Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou) is one of them.

To be a master means to have reached far enough in the perception of what is (“Sat”, the essence), to have sufficiently purified one’s unconscious so that it is possible to give birth to new sacred forms (“Nam”).

Thus Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou) had the inspiration to create this new technique combining yoga, meditation and dance.

Thus realizing as a “Nam” (form) the marriage between the structured teaching of Yogi Bhajan and the teaching of freedom of dance.


By practicing tantra yoga, one quickly realizes the power of this technique on the healing of memories and the awakening of the creativity that is within us.

By combining the power of a mantra, to the rigor and efficiency of a series of postures, then dancing freely and channeling the potentiated energy, to finally integrate and celebrate by singing, this technique acts as a alchemy and goes to the basics.

This practice is particularly suited to our society.

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