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Corporate Yoga


An ancient practice for today’s persons

Yoga is an ancient practice that can do wonder in our modern life. Our current social trend is unbalanced with high stress, low connection to nature or to other humans, low connection with ourselves… We experiment a world that is less and less real and more and more virtual, “of the mind”.

Yet the human body and energy system does not adapt that fast to the new rules of the game and our original growth, healing and thriving framework still runs. We still need to experiment reality, to feel our own body and sensations, to be in contact with our selves and that requires patience, skills and education.

Your Yoga Class can be that “contact with reality” in such a way that you could keep all the benefits of a modern life (activity, connectivity, forgetfulness…) with all the benefits of the ancient life (inner slow rhythm, pleasurability of the sensations, awareness of yourself, living a meaningful life..)

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

A yoga practice a your office can be a time saving and an effective way to bring your employees the following benefits :

  • Team building-Team bounding : there is a sense of connection when a group of people practice in a shared space and time, such an intimate experience as that of kundalini yoga
  • Body/mind re-generator : Kundalini yoga practice brings a full regeneration of your employee’s condition. Through very specific breath work, mind concentrations, postures and movements, it brings back to normal the  hormonal balance, regulates the chemical composition of the blood and enables to “feel good where you are”
  • Stamina – Tonicity : the Kundalini yoga practice is a complex arrangement of dynamic and static postures, able to tap into and awaken one’s deep creative energy while not spending it unnecessarily in the practice. After a Kundalini yoga class you feel fresh, energized and dynamic, not sleepy (yogarelax) or exhausted (yogagym)
  • Creativity – Openness : the whole aim of kundalini yoga is to open one’s access to its life force and potential. It’s been described as a highway to one’s deepest resources. A corporate practice of kundalini yoga will foster in each of your employ the ability to get in touch with their intuition, unconscious creative materials, it will also increase their self confidence and their right to speak up and be part of the project. Furthermore, being more acquainted with their own creativity, they will be more tolerant what that of others and be more opened to hear and share new ideas.

How to do it ?

The best way is for you and your employees to try it out !

Get in touch with us and we will arrange a 1st – 1h30 – practice in your working space.

This space needs to be clean, in particular with a clean floor and atmosphere, with a low level of noise (a little noise is ok).

We will bring the necessary material for the 1st class, then after we find an agreement for the following sessions you will have to host your own practice material (per person : 1 mat, 1 brick, 1 blanket)

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