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Practicing Kundalini yoga is ideal during pregnancy and during the months after childbirth.
At the Physical level, Kundalini Yoga

  • prepares for the delivery, through his work on the pelvis, the softening of the bones and tendons and the development of the respiratory system
  • supports the pregnant woman in her physical transformation, strengthening and softening the spine

At the Psychological level, Kundalini Yoga, through the experiences you encounter during practice

  • lowers the level of stress
  • enhances the quality of attention and centering of the pregnant woman – harmonizing emotional issues
  • prepares for the time of delivery

Kundalini Yoga is a treasure for everybody

When we imagine a yogi, we fall into the two categories of mental pictures:

1-the skinny-dusty old indian sage, very flexible and wise.

2 – the young man/woman in a gym club doing exercise, very dynamic and enthusiastic.

Not everybody falls into one of these two categories. If you’re a senior, a pregnant woman, a teenager, an overweight person, how do you recognize yourself in this practice ?

In Kundalini Yoga, everybody can practice, to his/her best capacity, the effects are felt inside and change your inner perspective.


Olivier and help you support you.

  • Until the 6-7th month, all classes are opened to you, you practice with other students, we adapt the postures to your situation.
  • After the 6-7th month, you can continue by practicing the specific class on Tuesday 4:30pm

Kundalini Yoga classes are all levels, all physical conditions because they are designed in a way that you can practice “at your level”.

For pregnant women, an interview of 15 minutes before the first class will be necessary, to specify which attitudes you must have during the course an how cautious you should be about some aspects of your practice: softness, presence to the child, no / little retention of breath, no postures of discomfort, etc…

During the common classes, non-pregnant students will be given the usual postures whereas for the mothers to be, the postures will be adapted specifically to answer their own needs:

  • relationship with the baby, development of love ties
  • specific work to prepare the delivery (pelvis, abdomen, perineum)
  • specific stretching
  • respiratory and circulatory work
  •  etc ..

The practice with other students, besides the specific practice of the pregnant woman, will have a stimulating effect for the mother and the child and will favor in a positive way all the processes.

In addition to the weekly classes, Olivier and Véronique will suggest specific exercises to practice at home, ideally every day, several times a day. These “home yoga practice” may involve : postures, breathwoks, concentrations, internal contractions and attention to your baby and yourself.


Relaxation, reinforcement, preparation, opening.

Beyond the simple adaptation of some of the usual postures for the future mothers, during the weekly practice, your teacher will indicate specific postures for pregnant women.

Posture comprising:

  • respiratory practices to develop your respiratory system, strengthen your life energy and oxygenate the blood that nourishes the child
  • postures of the body favoring the mobility of the parts of the pelvis, preparing the great mobility required during childbirth
  • body postures to straighten and strengthen the lap belt and spine during the pregnancy and imbalance phase
  • stretches, dilatation of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, as well as circulation and movement of the blood and lymphatic system
  • internal vibratory waves, by the chanting of mantras, surrounding the child in a harmony.


Security, experience, centering and harmonization

The practice of Kundalini Yoga benefits from a wide variety of experiences that promote contact and awareness of one’s body, emotions and thoughts.

Pregnancy is a step towards the unknown. The fact of “practicing the experience of living one’s body as a pregnant woman” reassures, secures and strengthens the mother-to-be as a pregnant woman and prepares psychologically for childbirth.

The postures allied to the specific breaths of Kundalini yoga make it possible to experiment some “modified states of consciousness” which are close to the states reached during the delivery phase (on ventilation / internal contractions/even mantra chanting…).

Finally, the practice of “relaxation in action”, so special to Kundalini Yoga can prepare for a “let go while in a strenuous posture” during childbirth


Why Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga acts on all levels of being: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Psychic, Spiritual. And it’s precisely all these aspects that are shaken and reconfigured by a pregnancy.

The future mother sees her body change. She has to face multiple adaptations: weight, change of position of the spine, back pain, change of angle of the legs, modification of the blood and lymphatic circulation, capricious digestive system, nausea …

The woman, during her pregnancy, also experiences intense emotional changes, stemming not only from variations in the composition of the blood, but also from the questioning of her own personality in the process leading to her motherhood.

  • Psychologically, memories of the mother-daughter relationship experienced by the future mother resurface, with high risk of disturbing this nascent relationship to an innocent being.
  • On a more energetic level, the importance of the transgenerational comes to increase the phenomenon by inviting the history of all lineages into the dance.
  • At the mental level, we see the emotional imbalances potentiated by our “culture of doing” which puts considerable pressure on pregnant women to “be a perfect mother”. This pressure brings a level of stress that is unnecessary and harmful for the child.
  • At the Spiritual level, this experience mixes the animal part our the mother-to-be (mother goddess nature) with the incredible miracle that is the advent of a soul (father god consciousness). This creates a disturbance of fundamental values redistributing belief cards.

Kundalini Yoga acts on each of these dimensions by harmonizing, soothing, marrying, regularizing all these levels of being.


A Life is born – the woman is transformed – the father comes.

To give life is to let nature express itself through itself without intervention.

It is a part of us that is beyond us that acts and achieves the impossible while we are observers of an incredible phenomenon, uncontrollable, magical, universal.

The adventure of childbirth profoundly changes the relationship that everyone has with himself, and in doing so, puts into play the very foundations of the couple’s equilibrium. Future parents meet, at an often whole new level, these fundamental questions of love, death, disability, self-image, loss, parenthood, life …

This transformation can either be lived in a passive way, allowing the unconscious mechanisms to act on their own, or lived in an active way, considered and supported by your own consciousness, in which case it becomes an opportunity to produce, in the depth, a real fulfillment.

Giving life extends well beyond physical pregnancy, giving life is learning how to give love. Being a parent, in the act of giving is a fulfilling expression of oneself.


Do not resist, swim with the current !


This period can be seen as “transient” and a “strong desire to return to normal” can arise.

The resistance to change is normal, it is the Ego who wants to protect its stability. Yet going back is not possible.

Pregnancy takes you on a path of transformation, whether you like it or not, resistance only makes the path longer and the transformation less mature and more painful.

A positive attitude is to support this transformation by living it as a resource, as an adventure that is valuable to fully explore.

The key to this acceptance is your awareness of what is happening inside and around you and your connection with your baby.
Access to this consciousness is increased during the period of pregnancy; the pregnant woman being in “a state of grace”, the chemistry of her blood allows remarkable feats. This is the perfect time to develop latent abilities in everyone.

Finally, the relationship with the child in formation is an adventure in the unknown that requires developing delicate channels of listening, receptions, perceptions. The quality of love and attention that the child receives on his first moments of formation radically changes his process of growth and the memories he engrams.

On a more mystical level, souls, or parts of souls, likely to integrate the being in construction are attracted according to the “energy” surrounding the heart / belly zone of the mother. Increased awareness, quality energy work and attention to the quality of love you hold creates a magnetic field that invites “positive” elements and pushes “negative” elements.


Not to support the father is to deny half of the experience!

Our Western society is still retrograde and has a hard time understanding the subtleties of the experimental reality the human being lives.

Thus, it has not been long since we started considering the experience of father-to-be during pregnancy.

His transformations are “less visible” or are “only on subtle planes”. Nevertheless, he also goes through profound transformations. And through these transformations, triggers his father-resources: his capacity for love, his emotional involvement with the child, his relationship to the future mother, his spiritual dimension, his openness to his own sensitivity…

Not to support the father on a path of discovery of what is occuring in him is to deprive the baby of a father fully capable of bringing him the essential food of growth: love, which we also call kindness, availability, sensitivity, respect…

In addition, the father’s relationship with his baby begins long before he can embrace him. Already, in his relationship “around” the future mother, the baby perceives the quality of his father.


Alive from the first moments

We have discovered for some time now that the baby, from the very moments right after the conception is in a direct relationship with his surroundings, the environment, his mother, his father, the vibrations that surround them, the sound, the light, the emotions… 

The baby, in his “womb home”, experiences the same emotions as the mother, but in his own way, by the interpretation of his own soul, he “engrams”, inscribes in his cells the energies that surround him.
He feeds on his mother through blood and energy. He intimately perceives the emotional states that she goes through and makes it his own version of reality.

The physical food he receives is an essential thing for his survival, but the emotional food he receives is essential for his proper growth.

The vibrations, the emotions, the sensations he feels go beyond the measuring ability the best humans devices can invent. Only the human heart that can feel it.

The Baby perceives “as a whole”. And it is this “whole” that the mother can bring, by allowing a deep contact with the baby, with his love, with his conscience, with the creative power of her uterus.


A Yoga that strengthens straightens and revitalizes

To give birth is an event, a “passage” of a magnitude that the mother has not known since her own birth.

During childbirth, transformations occur in all aspects of the being, a real passage between one state to another:

  • Physiologically, an abundant loss of liquids, blood and weight triggers the postpartum who starts a long process of “going back to normal”.
  • Psychologically and Emotionally, the arrival of the child, expected and welcomed, radically changes the ecology of the family. In that perspective, the postpartum is a seeking for new landmarks.
  • On the Mental level, the responsibility of the fragile newcomer adds up to an already complex passage in life.

A centered and gentle mother – strong and available

The practice of Kundalini Yoga, by its effects on all these levels can help you:

  • On the Physiological level, strengthening of the perineum, abdominal belt, blood production & purification (controlled Baby Blues syndrome), restoring the verticality of the spine, regularization of the pelvis, dynamization of the whole body, evacuation of the no longer necessary weight, strengthening of the nervous system, soothing of insomnia and of inflammatory disorders.
  • Psychologically and Emotionally: to center, to strengthen your capacity to give love, to communicate, to calm hormonal imbalances, to relax what troubles you
  • On the mental plane, practicing an activity “for you” and saving one hour out of your child’s load by “trusting” him to the father “will be a great help for your balance and stress.

The feeling of freedom and of belonging to yourself is the basis that will allow you to give to your child.

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