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A Yoga class is the basis of your wellness maintenance and expansion. It provides you with an optimal physical condition, a clear mind, an open heart and an access to the joy of living. It enables the glandular system to activate the essential chemical ingredients of your system , it acts like a natural regulator of the way you experience yourself.

The regularity of your yoga class is key to your steady progress and your steady growth of benefits.

And the Key to regularity is pleasure, fun and a feeling of progression. At Y&M we tend to foster the “&” and we have experienced that a deep and powerful transformation can be achieved with serious tools in a cheerful atmosphere.

We are here to provide the container in which this can happen for you too.

Beginner's Welcome

In Y&M we love beginners!

It’s an important moment when you decide to step up and take the risk of discovering your practice through experience.

We feel honored that you consider trying out our teachings and we take full responsibility to give you the best experience we can.

Find your Class - Schedule

ou will find in our 4 busy day 19 classes/weeks over 4 studios.

Since practice access is paramount, even if you have your preferred schedule slot, in case of any missed class, you’re free to get your practice back at any other slot you like,  no charges, no questions asked.

Classes studios

You will find here 4 great places to practice, allying proximity, professional facilities and welcoming atmosphere.

Like for the Schedule, even if you have your preferred place to practice, in case it’s more comfortable for you, you can always practice to one of the other location.

Yoga is an experience

Practice, learn and gather with a mindful community unlike any other.

Drop In Class

At Y&M we put a high value on the quality of your experience and the depth of your practice.

Therefore we arrange a meeting with you prior to your 1st class, in order to give enough practice information to ensure that your experience in Kundalini Yoga will be in line with the Kundalini Yoga teachings.

So, the drop in is possible, yes, but “on demand” or with a “rendez-vous” – If you didn’t find the time to call us or get an appointment prior to the class, postpone your experience, it will be all the deeper for you when the time comes


There is only one person who can tell you what’s best for you, and it’s you. Not the “judgmental you”, but the you that experiment, feels and is drawn toward.

The best way to choose the best yoga class for you is to go there and experiment a full session of yoga.

Take the time and try out several types of yoga, several teachers, several places. When you’ll have found the place for you, your heart will tell you.

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