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Our Approach to Yoga

what do we offer ?

A self discovery, healing and expansion device

Yoga can be described a codified set of experiential containers where a human can be; through practice, the witness of himself, in various growth fostering emotional and mind postures. He/she can therein feel and grow accordingly to its better self, in a continuous process.

Meditation is a state of mind that enables the healing and growing processes to happen – it’s a state in which you are and become.

We offer a comprehensive set of containers to help you discover those states of mind and carry on your journey at your pace.

Kundalini yoga

Among those tools, one major is the Kundalini Yoga. This practice offers a combined dynamic and meditative approach to yourself.

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Beginner's Welcome

This page helps newcomers easily understand all about our kundalini yoga offer

Kundalini yoga is a simple and accessible yoga providing postural basis for everyday life comfort and health. 

Your weekly classes will provide you with a continuous inlux of vitality and stamina.

our kundalini yoga classes offer

All you need to know to come practice with us

  • Our Schedule of 19 classes/week
  • Our 4 Studios


our approach of kundalini yoga

A detailed description of our approach to kundalini yoga teaching. Our connection with Yogi Bhajan, Anand Sharabi and the core of their teachings.


Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan is the yogi mater who brought the kundalini yoga to the west in 1968. His biography explains the how this great practice became recognized as a beneficial practice worldwide.

The actual practice of kundalini yoga

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The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a great and mysterious practice that goes back to the ancient traditions.

Its effects are deep and practicing it will probably bring you deeper outcome than you currently expect.

You’ll find here some of the benefits.

Description of a kundalini yoga class

Each Kundalini class is unique, yet follows the same pattern of sequences.

Each class is unique in that the series you will practice will vary over and over, opening new territories at each class.

The codified pattern of the 1h00 class is as follows :

1 – Kriya (35 min) : series of postures from 1 to 5 min each, with in between complete relaxation of 1 to 3 min – by posture we mean a combination of body posture, breathwork, mantra, mudras, eye direction, internal contractions, etc…)

2 – Guided Relaxation (11 min) : a complete relaxation, lying on the back (Savasana) – guided in its start to ease getting into it.

3-Meditation (11min) : one main easy posture, lasting 11 min, with a particular meditative potency.

Sadhana and practice

Kundalini Yoga can bring you a great deal of benefits. Your weekly practice or your daily practice (Sadhana) is the key to your access to these benefits

Specific forms of kundalini yoga teachings

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Postnatal & Prenatal yoga

A  pregnancy can be the best moment to practice kundalini yoga, before labor, or after labor

Yoga for ?

Kundalini Yoga is by essence a practice adapted to “where you are in your life”,

Its techniques are simple to implement for yogi of all ages and all conditions.

Its positive effects can be desired at any stage in your life.

That’s why Kundalini Yoga can be seen as appropriate for :

  • active adults
  • senior
  • teens
  • pregnant women (postnatal & prenatal
  • and many more,


Corporate yoga & Corporate meditation

Yoga can provide a great deal of benefits in the working place, it can enhance concentration, well being, help develop co workers bounds, etc..

In Other sections

Kundalin yoga related topics

Workshops & Retreats

Alongside your weekly practice you may want to make a bigger step in your practice. 

Workshop & Retreats are such moments of growth and transformation.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Kundalini yoga is a great practice and once you’ve tasted it “in the flesh”, not only is there a desire to practice more but arises inside of you a deep desire to transmit its magic through sharing and teaching.

Free online kriyas and meditations

Along with our teachings and trainings we are building a resourceful library of online free yoga practice material. This database can be accessed depending on your membership with Y&M

everyone can access fully practicable kriyas, mp3 & meditations

members can access far more elements (membership is free of charge)

students can access 100% of the practice materials

Pricing / Yoga Classes STore

Y&M pricing policy is one of accessibility – we consider that everybody should have access to high quality teaching and that the human values should be put 1st and before money issue.

We have designed various packages for your convenience. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your particular case.

Yoga & Me Ottawa Gatineau Question Form

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What is the relationship between yoga and meditation and why link them ?

Yoga is a body-mind practice tapping into the ability of the person for spontaneous growth. This innate ability is unleashed through a simple yet subtle process of “opening up” to one’s own inner world.

This opening is no more complex than a full attention to what’s happening in one’s own body combined with specific techniques designed to encourage the manifestation of certain aspects of our inner world.
The whole purpose of yoga is that “opening up and discovery” – this “expansion of your former boundaries”.
On one hand, a way of naming that expansion is “meditation” – in this way, yoga has no other object than creating the conditions of meditation.
On the other hand, during your yoga practice, your inner attitude, your disposition to feelings and sensations is one of the major drivers of your success and your progress. Thus meditation is one of the key elements of your yoga practice.
So, as a summary, yoga leads to meditation and meditation is key element of your yoga practice. That’s why we combine them, they are two expressions of the same process.

Can I become a teacher if I can't achive the perfect postures like it's described in the books ?

Kundalini yoga is an experiential yoga. Being a teacher is being able to teach others to reach their own potential through their experience practicing a set of mind and heart opening techniques. 

To be a good teacher, you have to have two major qualities : 

1-to have experienced yourself, in depth, the benefits of the practice.

2-to have the compassion to allow others follow their own personal path of discovery through the same set of practices.

None of the two require a perfection in the form of your practice, but both require a depth in your own practice experience and a depth in your own acceptance of the human experience. 

Through your practice, your acquire this acceptance, through your practice you acquire the “knowing” of the reality you uncover, through your practice, your become able to understand other’s learning curve in their own intimate experience.

There is no need to practice perfectly, but it’s essential to perfect your own practice.

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