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L’Ecole du Tantra

Y&M is part of a wider school, l’Ecole du Tantra, based in France, close to Bordeaux and founded more than 35 years ago by Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou). 

This school is a mystery school, helping people who request it to improve their ability to feel and be part of the subtle levels  of our reality. This initatory path has led many to grow in fullfillment, creativity and joy.

The approach developed and refined by Jean Jacques to help get to this mystery is a combination of yoga, meditation, therapy and other specific tools. In the past, in india, this kind of holistic approachhuman grow was well know, it was named : Tantra

Other regions and cultures of the world have developped their own approach on the mysteries of existence, they all look different, but once you start learning about their goals and their methods, they all look the same. The Islam branch of Sufism is one of them, the catholic movement named “Rose Croix” is the same, the shamanism practice by the Autochtones is the same as well. 

So there is nothing special about Tantra, it’s one of the many ways to grow and heal, to expand and rejoice in life.

No Beliefs – true knowledge comes only from experience

Our approach is not based on any belief system and would rather be inclided to encourages the participants to reject all beliefs systems. Therefore you will not find in our approach any religious beliefs, any already made explanation about the world’s meaning, etc…

Our approach is based on experience and the understanding that each participant can have from his/her experience. We create countainers, devices, games, in which each person can behave, feel and discover his/her own truth, without any external influence of judgement.

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▼ White Tantra

White Tantra is the master practice in Kundalini Yoga. It’s a demanding and joyfull yoga-meditation energetic practice with a partner. 

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Tantra Workshops are simple containers in which you can experience your humanity in a pleasurable, rare and simple way.

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▼ tantra retreats

Tantra retreats are powerful transformative moments where you have the opportunity to meet yourself in an open, challenging and reassuring way.

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If you feel, in your heart that you are ready to become a giver, of attention of care, of attention, this education will refine your abilities and give you the necessary elements.



Guided by Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou), you will experiment the quintessence of the Kundalini Yoga practice with postures, pranayamas, mantras, gongs, etc…

The White Tantra is like a purifying ritual. The 2-3 h long practice will get you in a non ordinary state of consciousness where many transformations can happen. 

Most of the practice, you’ll be in direct eye contact with your partner, letting a powerfully healing one to one process happen. 

The practice is done as a group practice, between 60 up to 250 participants in the same room, arranged in pairs, in line, dressed in white.

White Tantra

A White Tantra Practice cannot be given by any other than the living master who 

I've never praticed yoga, can I Come ?

Yes you can 

Tantra Workshops


What will we be practicing ?

A Tantra Workshop is as therapeutic as it is enlightening. 

During these workshops, you’ll be given the opportunity to experiment situations you rarely have the opportunity to encounter in our current society, for instance you will : 

  • learn how to listen heart to heart to someone else and how to allow letting yourself be listened to
  • discover how it feels to be with other persons who have no judgement to oppose on who / how you are
  • experiment, in this secure environment, what it is like to behave without your usual protective layers, revealing whole new aspects of yourself – feel what it’s like to be fully who you are
  • laugh and cry a lot – and learning it’s ok to cry and laugh- both manifestations of an expansion of the heart
  • etc..

Active and respectful participation

During these workshops, you’ll be invited to participate in activities ranging from active meditation, to shamanic dance, to talking circles, to eye gazing, to acting out part of your feelings or history, etc… 

From your own standpoint, you could find these activities challenging or too challenging for your. We can understand that and will not force or push you beyong your own boundaries. We will be there to encourage you, help you adapt the activities to your needs but you will remain the only judge on what’s best for your.

Osho Active Meditation

We, as facilitators, are used to witness that many people narrow the definition of meditation to the practice of Zazen, the Zen sitting meditation, which is a fine meditation technique. With this idea of meditation, we add stillness, body stress and a spinning mental mind. But this is only one form that the practice of meditation takes. Furthermore, meditation is not a technique but a state of being.

Osho was a great mystic of the 70’s who came to the US. There he designed meditations specifically for the western mind. These meditation, he said, overwhelm the western mind with information and feeligns he cannot process… and once the thinking machine is disabled, the way is opened for the state of meditation to simply happen, effortlessly, without delay, immediately, a simple state of being.

These “brain hack” that osho created can be a breathing technique like in “Chakra Breathing Mediation”, or a shaking technique like in the “Kundalini Meditation. 

For 2018-2019 will be teaching 10 of these meditation during the week ends :


tantra encounter group evenings

Tantra and Therapy often overlap. It’s also the case between tantra and meditation, or tantra and yoga. Tantra being “about the whole”, every experience of the human person can be fuller, deeper, more real – that’s the aim of the tantric path, to enable one’s person full potential in every aspect if his/her life.

The tantra encounter group evenings are such moments where you can allow yourself to be fully yourself, in a tentative way, making mistakes, feeling sometimes victorious, sometimes shameful, but all the time surrounded by supporting others trying hard, like to you to make an integrated sense of what they deeply feel they are, what they intimately feel their potentials are.

During a Tantra encounter group evening you will be proposed several interlinked practices that will put you in “out of the ordinary” situations with other persons willing, like you to learn and discover more about their living experience. These situations are all part of a long refined set of tools that has been formalized during the last 35 years  by Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou), including in their core the essential principles of Tantra, the person centered approach, the humanistic approach and the human potential.

Here are some of the workshops you would be proposed :

  • breathwork,
  • encounter groups,
  • talking groups,
  • healing groups,
  • primal energy release,
  • biofeedback,
  • re enactment,
  • etc…

Sweat Lodge

The Sweat Lodge ritual, also known as “inipi” is not part of the tantric tradition, it is part of the autochtone shamanic tradition.

Shamanism is a sister approach from that of Tantra, very much like Sufism or Rose Croix.

These approach are sisters in that they have the same goals, have the same approach regarding the person and have many techniques in common. Such techniques as like : 

  • ritualization
  • whirling
  • mantra chanting
  • bodywork and breathwork
  • devotional practices
  • eye gazing
  • etc…

Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou) has integrated the Lakota Sweat Lodge ritual in his teachings for its ability to help the participant to feel and touch the essence of nature, earth, water, fire and wind. 

This ritual will be proposed around Ottawa, Gatineau and Montreal

Tantra retreats


Our tantric approach is comprehensive, integrative, and takes into account on the same ground the material concerns and the spiritual concerns. Our approach prevents the following shortcomings of a partial approach

  • Most of the persons following a therapeutic path can live all right but fail to attain the “beyond grown adult” state, a state that Maslow describes as the “self-actualizing man”.
  • Most of the mystics following a spiritual path, can reach wonderful states of fulfillment in unison with the cosmos, but fail to achieve the basic mental stability of a grown adult, they have replaced their sick ego with a weak spiritual Ego.
  • Most of the person seeking happiness in a belief system, whether the worship of a god or the worship of the nonexistence of god, will live the world through a clever “idea of the world”, limiting their perception and acceptance of their experience only to what fits into their belief system

Our secret recipe is no secret at all, we combine the healing powers of the modern therapeutic tools (holistic, humanistic, trans personal, person centred approach), with the wisdom of the past concerning the possibilities of the human in the cosmos (spirituality, chakras, connection with the archetypes, connection with the elements and the fabric of reality).

You do not have to choose between material or spiritual fulfillment, but to have each of these seemingly opposite part of yourself help the other. 

tantra Encounter group retreats

While on the mystical path of Tantra, one needs tools and places to experiment and practice his/her discoveries. Some of these places can be the morning Sadhana, or the therapeutic sessions, or  meditation practice or group meditations practices or any peak experiences workshops.

A retreat is not only concsituted of the sum of these previously described tools and workshops, it’s a whole, crafted in a way that each of the devices fit with each other.

A tantra encounter group retreat is the perfect alchemical crucible which you can have the various part of yourself meet and combine : body, mind, spirituality, psychology, memories, consciousness, energy, chakras, nadis (meridians), etc…

I've never done Tantra Before, Can I come ?

Yes you can. Tantra is not about experience, technique or performance, Tantra is about experiencing how it feels to be yourself and growing to be more of yourself. The only actual challenger you’ll find in a tantra retreat is yourself. 

Tantra is about being and becoming human. Everybody is equal regarding his own humanity and it’s a humbling path to see that the more your grow in consciousness and liberation, the more you see how equal you are with everybody else’s humanity.

We will insist, particularly if for you it’s the 1st time, that you should not push yourself too much while facing the necessary challenging encounter with all the parts of yourself. We, as facilitataors, will be there as well as the group, but we will never put pressure on you. You remain the captain of your own soul.

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