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Holistic Coaching & Therapy

In Ottawa & Gatineau

Our approach keypoints

  • Person centred Therapy
  • Holistic (Totality of the person)
  • Transpesonnal (all memories, even pre-natal)
  • Experiential
  • Enabling of a Healing process
  • Patient’s empowerment approach

A Holistic, Humanistic & Transpersonal approach

Our Holistic Therapy offer aims at providing a comprehensive approach for the human experience improvement, healing, development and deepening.

A holistic approach

Holistic comes from the Greek “Holos”, which means “totality”, hence the holistic therapy considers the person as a whole, not only the body or the mind, or the emotions, not only his/her issues but also his/her resources and joys in life, etc..

Humanistic approach

A holistic approach is by essence Humanistic. That means that a humanistic therapist considers the human as complete and autonomous being, able to identify him/herself where he/she needs to go and to grow and to heal, able to find the means to this end, able to set up his/her own goals and motion in that direction.

The Humanistic therapists will therefore never make a diagnostic, or give an advise of interfere in any way on the development path of his/her patients, he is a temporary yet necessary catalyst for the patient’s inner forces to get in motion.

Transpersonnal approach

The Transpersonal approach widens the humanistic and holistic approach by accepting all feelings and memories that the person perceives – it then includes the perinatal memories, the intra uterine experience – the transgenerational and the transpersonnal memories.

Our innovative technique in 3 point

1-Past and future combined

Our Holistic and Humanistic Approach is innovative in that it combines usually seen as opposite powerful currents of healing in a comprehensive system : 

  • the wisdoms and techniques of the past considering the human development (Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, shamanism)
  • the most advanced  techniques and approaches in term of human healing and therapeutic process with the holistic therapy, the humanistic approach and their transpersonnal widening

2-invididual & group approach

The set of tools we have integrated and developed are both available for one on one consultations and group workshops and retreats. These two kind of containers are coherent and made to work alongside to the best interest of the patients.

3-advanced training program: 

The education we propose is based on field experience. It means that, contrary to most of the therapeutic, counseling, advising educations you can find, reliying heavily on theory and learned truth, our educational system will allow you, from the very start, to experience in a controlled yet real helping relationship situation. This teaching method ensures, that from the beginning of your education, as a therapist, you will first meet reality and as a second move you’ll be drawn to understand it through concep. This will allow your understanding of the reality to fit your actual experienced reality and not your reality to fit your own preconceived ideas.

Yoga & Me Ottawa-Gatineau - Holistic Coaching & Therapy - One on One Individual Session

▼ One on One Sessions

One one one consulation are the basis of your development and healing process

Yoga & Me Ottawa-Gatineau - Holistic Coaching & Therapy - Group Therapy

▼ Group Workshops

One on one Sessions are essential, group workshops are wonderful booster for your own path.

Yoga & Me Ottawa-Gatineau - Holistic Coaching & Therapy - Group Retreats

▼ Group Retreats

Group workshops are great transforming moments – imagine what the full immersion of a retreat can do for you !

Yoga & Me Ottawa-Gatineau - Holistic Coaching & Therapy - Education & Training

Therapist's Training ►

At one point on your healing path, the best way to carry on is by healing others – Our therapist’s training program is a countainer in which you can do that.

Why Group therapy ?

Group Therapy is the place where one can benefit from the attention and the energy of others on his/her development/healing process.

It cannot replace alone a one to one therapeutic relationship, that remain the basis of a person’s evolution, but it can act, at specific moments, with a potency that would otherwise be out of reach without the group.


Like for all our offers, we have at heart to keep our prices to levels where most of the people can access our services

Some information



Healing through speech

Regular individual sessions are the basis of an effective therapeutic work, with its regularity, the quality of the relationship between the therapist and the patient and its natural healing potency.

The transformation happens from and for the patient himself, the humanistic therapist does not interfered and is there as a catalyst, an enabler, for the process to happen. 

These interviews are high quality moments of introspection allowing the patient, in a secure, confident and warm atmosphere to know him/herself better and thereby to favor his/her process of natural transformation.


A precious setting

Individual interviews follow the natural phenomenon of nutrition, healing and transmission of the human being.

This phenomenon is found at all ages and in all cultures, starting with the parent / child relationship, shaman / traveler, priest / believer and more recently rediscovered and formalized by Freud.

Individual follow-up involves setting up a countainer between a giver: the therapist and a requestor: the patient. This vertical axis allows the patient to create a space in him and receive a special attention and enough trust to allow him to visit his own unexplored spaces.

Practically, how is this happening ?

And how does it work ?

A requestor (patient) asks a giver (therapist) and states his personal objectives.

 It may be a request for help to overcome a difficult moment in life, it may be to get rid of habits or addictions, it may be to let go of some fears. It is the patient who sets his/her own personal goal.

A regularity of sessions is decided, a price per session is agreed and both parties agree that they feel the partnership can work out.

  • The patient feels that he/she can explore her/her own inner reality with the help of the therapist
  • The therapist, considering the client’s request, knows he will be able to help the patient

 The work can begin.

This means that the patient is committed to him/herself alone on this therapeutic world and can leave the patient relationship at anytime he/she wishes without having to provide any kind of justification,. On the therapist’s side, the therapist is committed to be available for the patient, under the arrangements agreed, for as long as the patient requires help.

In sessions, the therapist puts himself at the disposal of the patient to guide him in his inner journey. This help can take many forms, like : healing through speech, energy and emotional work, breathing techniques, attention focusing, symbolic actions, visualization, reenacting, active regression…

The sessions follow the code of ethics of the Ecole du Tantra, in particular it is essential to underline that the therapist will not practice any «act of healing”, letting the patient experiment, discover and heal by him/herself, being only the enabler of what the patient can muster from his/her own healing forces. This attitude of respect is the essential condition of a successful therapy, the patient remaining at all times adult and autonomous, even in the phases of regressions.

WHO CAN ask for Individual sessions ?

Anyone may start or continue his personal work, regardless of age or disposition. The only condition is his/her desire for transformation. That desire can be motivated by a personal quest, a spiritual quest, desires, fears or any other motivation.

It is not necessary to practice yoga to ask for a therapist’s help.

THE ORIENT AND THE WEST - A mature synthesis

We offer you an experience based on 35 years of support and research.

We propose a synthesis between the depth of the Eastern approach and the latest advances in Western psychotherapy.

Our support is in the movement of the human potential, personal development and initiatory path

These two ways remaining autonomous and complementary, it is possible to approach one by the other or to practice only one of them (although they mutually potentiate each other).

Throughout these 35 years have been tested, integrated, adapted, several individual “tools” or “techniques” as a coherent whole.

EMOTIONAL THERAPY - The door of liberation


Most of the work happens in the emotional layer. It is where we suffer, where we engram memories and where we can heal these memories.

Through individual sessions, talking circles, encounter groups, breaths and body expression, you will allow the possibility of repressed emotions to manifest, to grow in you and to become “visible” “sensible”, “revealed”, you will be able to become aware of it to embrace it. Your therapist, helped by the group, when need be will be there accompanying you on a path of healing and liberation.

The orientations of your Evolution and Therapy are drawn along your own experiences, your own understandings.

A THERAPY on memories

Most of the obstacles to our fulfillment, the suffering we feel are not directly related to reality as it is, but to reality as we see it, as we think it, as we feel about it. We live this reality “by the filter of our past memories”, or rather “as through our current perception or reality we were trying to recognize our past unintegrated memories in order to re enact them”.

These memories live in us and are activated as soon as an event “looks like” what has already been lived in the past, especially when it comes to difficult and rejected past memories. They then take up a considerable space in our psyche and we experience a “ghost world”, when the past replaces the present and cripples the construction of a creative future.

Most of the time, these memories are painful to such an extent that we can not get in touch with them directly. They are all the more active in our lives, we have only access to their consequences taking the shape for example of fear, destructive behaviors, interposal conflicts.. but we cannot address their true needs because we fail to meet them for what they really are, deep inside of our unconscious mind, where we have involuntarily rejected them.

Our therapeutic support is a set of containers allowing you, from the standpoint of your current maturity and experience, to visit these memories of the past. In the emotional imprint they have left inside of you, you are then able to apprehend them, understand them, step back and bring about light on them gradually, easing and releasing their emotional strength. Diminishing at the same time the energy they draw from these emotional loops, leaving you with the space to go back to more creativity and freedom in your inter action with the world and the people around you.

Alongside this process you are more and more able to see these memories as part of you, without being subject to their coercive influence.

YOUR Request Our Offer

Our offer is to listen to your request and to support you where you want to go, from where you are.

Without judging or opposing an opinion.

Your request may relate to suffering, the suffering of a loved one, the search for the development of one of your abilities, to better manage stress, to improve the quality of your sleep, to get rid of addictions, etc.

All these requests are an emanation of yourself, and as such, are part of your path. They are to be respected as a part of you.

FOR WHO ? To be on the way

There is no age or condition to begin or continue a path of knowledge and fulfillment, a therapeutic path. Each age sets its own challenges, its own adventures, representing great opportunities to live the experience of life.

The only condition to start a path of development and healing is the desire to see something change in your life, it can be considered as minor or major, it can be an evolution regarding wellness or suffering, it can be any orientation your might have. But it needs to be there to start your path. There is no other starting then our own personal “request”.

You are the artist of your own path

According to your request, we will offer you several containers that, each can help you make one step at a time in the direction of your goal. You will choose which of these are more in accord with you.

One on One Sessions


One on one sessions, in a humanistic approach help you identify, in a secure environment your own goals and your own means to achieving these goals. 

The support that a therapist can bring you during these sessions are many, some are as follow : 

  • he/she can help you clarify your thoughts and emotions concerning certain aspects of your transformation process
  • he/she can be an emotional support when the exploration gets emotionally challenging
  • he/she can be your revealing mirror when your defense mechanisms try to keep you from seeing your own truth
  • he/she can help you find innovative ways to express and release emotional energies you have spotted inside of yourself, clearing the path for deeper explorations
  • he/she can be your bi weekly “reminder” that you have made a commitment to yourself that you have certain issues you want to see change in your life.
  • etc…


The development and healing process of the human person is and will never be a fully understood process – its complexity and its mechanisms are far too complicated for the human mind to comprehend. 

What we can understand are the conditions in which this natural process can recover its full potency, and what we can bring about to facilitate the self development and the self healing process.

In the same way, we can understand as well what harms this very process.

Basically what a human person needs to heal, grow and mature are simple essential conditions :

  • a sense of emotional security
  • a felt compassion and empathy from others
  • a felt unconditional acceptance from others
  • an unconditional positive regard from others
  • a genuine congruence from all others

In a person’s evolution, the growing and development process might have stoped at one point, due to the lack of one of these conditions (trauma, parent’s misconduct, radical transformation in one’s life, etc…)

The humanistic therapy help you get back to each of these missteps and re create the conditions in which the natural process can “restart” at this point, naturally unlocking your potentials


es you can. Our deontology requires the therapist to be committed to the patient-therapist relationship and does not require the patient to any commitment. The only commitment you make is to yourself.

There is one 1st session that is different from the rest of the following sessions. During this session, both patients and therapists meet and exchange on the possible agreement they can find for a follow up. The patient exposes his/her goals and the therapist exposes his approach, the means he is willing to make available for the patient. At the end of this session an agreement is fixed whether the patient feels he can rely on the therapist’s container and skills for his/her work and the therapist if he feels he is capable of heling the patient. The following sessions can unfold

The 2nd session is representative of the following sessions, where the therapists guides his patient through his inner world of memories, beliefs and perceptions.

During these sessions, the patient might be invited to move, express his/her emotions via different ways, describe his/her visions or feelings through external means, etc…

At a certain point of therapy a workshop or retreat of group therapy might be of great help, even if not compulsory.

I'm not in Ottawa Gatineau is this therapy working via phone

Yes, we offer our services via phone as well

There is no need to be physically in contact or present for this therapy to be working. The role of the therapist is to be a facilitator while the patient follows his/her own thoughts and visits his/her own chain of memories, beliefs, etc… Even the energy release techniques, the breathwork, etc.. can be done via Phone.

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A question ?

We can Call you back

Group Coaching & Therapy


 What is group therapy ?

Usually when somebody pictures a therapeutic session, it looks like the classical Freudian one on one session, with a dusty library, a sofa for the patient and armchair for the therapist. 

And when somebody pictures a group therapy, it looks like a classical “anonymous alcoholic” or “war veteran” encounter group, all sitting on hard chairs arranged in a circle, in a church or a community center.

As a matter of fact, both pictures would be very different from our offer, particularly the group workshops or group retreats we propose.

Our Group workshops or retreats include interpersonal “games” that help people meet on “out of the box” levels, they include as well meditation and concentration, group energy building and releasing, reenactment, some parts that are an evolution from systemic constellation or familial constellation, etc…

They aim at allowing a relative intimacy between the participants that become, for a given time, “friends” on each other’s development and healing path. 

Most of our participant state that “they could not imagine that in such a small amount of time they could become so close, friendly and confident with complete strangers” – for some of our participants, it’s even the 1st occurrence of such a deep contact with other persons, even more with other persons as a group.

Group Workshops


Our group workshops are designed to be meaningful experiences for you whether you are in a structured therapeutic process (with a therapist, from the Ecole du Tantra or not) or as a stand alone peak experience on your path of self exploration

  • As a stand alone experience, they will allow you to discover further your in-depth reality, with its resources and its wounds
  • As a part of our whole offer (one-on-one consultation + group workshops), they will allow you to further deepen your understanding your inner processes

In any case, the peak experience you can experience during these workshops will act like milestones on your inner development process. 

A peak experience

A peak experience is an experience that allows you to “see beyond”, to “change your point of view”, to “change your point of reference”. It’s a transformative experience that widens your mind and your field of possibilities.

We have spontaneous peak experience when for example we live a full sun eclipse, or when we have a mystical experience, or when we feel a deep sense of connection during a concert or another mass event.


Several types of Group workshops

We offer several types of group workshops, all of them being related to the human development, they could all be counted as part of the holistic approach. For simplification reasons, we will not describe here the yoga-meditation workshops and intensives, you can find them on the Event Page

tantra encounter group evenings

Tantra is an ancient human development, growth and healing art. It was practiced for as long as memory and history goes. The tantra encounter group evenings are a clever combination of the techniques and wisdom of the past (Tantra) with the latest discoveries in the human psyche development (Maslow, Rogers with his encounter groups). 

Tantra encounter goup evening are containers where the true humanity of each participant can find a secure place for expression. 

In these containers, you will find several types of activities like : body work, energy work, speaking and vocal expression, special impression, breathwork, eye gazing, guided relaxation, interpersonal games…

The main aim of these evenings is to allow you to experiment in a real alchemical crucible, with a group of human with the same desire, your own self in its various possibilities.


A holistic breathwork session can help you discover or recover, it can help you heal and feel, it can help you deepen or widen, it can help you keep up or let go. 

A holistic breathwork session is you as an ego declaring to yourself as a whole “take me where you deem important today, now and I will allow it”. 

A holistic breathwork session can be described as follows : 

  • a half day or full day workshop
  • involving a long period of pranayama (breathwork) where the breather lets happen any movement, emotion, thoughts that might come up.
  • involving loud inspirational music
  • included in a container to prepare, allow and then welcome the effects of the breathwork  

After a holistic breathwork, people usually say : 

  • I feel relaxed, like when I’m tired but I feel I’m full of energy at the same time
  • I have experienced a very realistic yet very strange journey, like a shamanic journey but without any external suggestion
  • I have re lived past memories, some clearly, some not quite
  • I have felt a great expansion in my whole body

Group Retreats


Group retreats show the same dynamic as the group workshops, only 3 factors are adding to its potency : 

  • The duration of the the stay enables, for each of the participant, to dive deeper and to heal deeper
  • The duration of the stay enables the group to get to know each other on a more intimate basis, enabling more confidence and releasing more “group energy for the work to happen”
  • The night that each person spends on site is an unconscious working space, knowing that we go to sleep, while having another next day of journey ahead of us creates an opening for spontaneous dreams and sleep work
  • A retreat, in itself, is a particular moment for oneself of introspection, it has always been, for humans alike animals a deeply transformative crucible, opening in our mind a space for a passage ritual

Tantra Encounter Groups

As the name might hint, Tantra Encounter are modern therapy groups that use the ancient wisdoms and techniques of the past to enable each of the participant to “encounter” themselves. 

Discovering oneself is the only way you can get to know yourself, challenging the idea you have of yourself with the actuality of who you are through a set of secure spontaneous situations.  Those situations will help you see, how your react, what’s happening inside of you when certain strings of sensibilities are activated. 

Only through actual experiencing a situation can somebody get to know him/herself

In a Tantra Encounter Group, you’ll have the opportunity to relax and feel your emotions, listen to your thoughts while practicing a variety of workshops involving your body, your breath, your sight, your insight. Some of those workshops will involve as well other members of the group and your ability to relate to each other. You’ll be given the opportunity to share and receive other’s testimonies.

respect yourself

Some of the workshops we’ll be able to propose could be challenging and it’s highly recommended that you respect your own feeling of what is ready for you as an experience and what is not, we will never put pressure on you in any given direction, you’re your own captain. 

Our whole proposal is only a proposal, we can only encourage you to practice all the workshops, because, in our proposal, it makes sense. But we will never push you against your will

I do not do therapy can I come ?

Yes you can. Like for the Group workshops, we propose these retreats as stand alone transformative experiences or as a great complement for your one on one sessions, whether your therapist is from the Ecole du Tantra or Not.

  • As a stand alone transformative experience, you’ll get to discover yourself and to release some of your potentials in the way you are and in the way you interact with others
  • As a complement for your one on one therapy, you’ll find in this kind of retreats, resources and strength to go beyond some of the internal limits you have encountered during your one on one sessions.

Become a Thearpist



Tantra Encounter Groups


respect yourself


Holistic Therapy


$1450/6 weeks

unlimited access to 19 classes/week for 1 full month


$995/4 weeks

1 classes/week, with a 10 month plan



unlimited (19 classes/week) with a 10 month plan



10 class card – 6 month validity



see our payments arrangements



Our offer has two pricing fields :

  • one on one sessions
  • group Workshops & Retreats

One on One sessions

he fixed price for a one on one session is $85 per hour. 

Usually a therapy consists of a one hour session every two weeks.

This Therapy can happen as a physical events (the patient and the therapist meet at a given place) or as phone therapy (the patient is in a secure environment, layin on his/her back, eyes closed with a headset for communication)

Group Workshops & Retreats

Group workshops can last between 2hoo to 6h00, the fees do not include the lunch (participants bring a shared meal) – see our Event Store for more information.

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