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FTKY Certified Kriyas

There are thousands of Kriyas related to the Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. In Kundalini yoga, only meditations and kriya created by a master can be practiced and transmitted.  You’ll find in this online Kriyas sections only series created by Yogi Bhajan or meditations created by Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou)

Kundalini Yoga for conquering depression

1-Slowly arch your body up into wheel pose. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Breathe slowaly, with a deep, full inhale and exhale. 5 Minutes.

2-Come into shoulder stand and from this position, lower your left leg, bringing the toes to the ground behind your head. As you raise your left leg back up to the original position, lower the right leg, bringing the toes to the ground behind your head. Continue this movement. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. 3 Minutes.

3-Lie down with your legs flat. At the same time roll both the right knee to the right and the left knee to the left. Then roll both knees back to center. Roll the knees rapidly while you breathe from the navel in time with the movement. This exercise adjusts the sacrum and lower back. 5 Minutes.

4-Lie on your back and raise both arms to ninety degrees. Leaving the arms up, alternately raise and lower the legs. As each leg reaches the ninety degree position, grab the foot with the hands and quickly massage your toes. Move quickly. 3 Minutes.

5-Lie down flat on your back and jump like popcorn popping. Move all parts of your body. 4-1/2 Minutes.

6-Lie on your stomach and jump your body all around. Move vigorously. 1-1/2 Minutes.

7-Lie down flat on your stomach and sleep. Relax for 7 Minutes.

Kundalini Yoga for elimination (apana) exercises

1-Vatskar Kriya: Sit in easy pose with hands on knees. Make a beak of the mouth and drink as much air as you can into the stomach using short, continuous sips, as if you were swallowing. Pull in and hold. Roll the stomach to the left. then reverse the direction to the right when the breath has been held in for half its maximum time. Continue rolling the stomach as long as possible with neck lock applied. When the breath can be held in no longer, straighten the spine and exhale slowly (not powerfully) through the nose. Repeat the complete exercise 2 times. Always do this on an empty stomach and not more than twice per day.

2-Sit on the heels and touch the forehead to the ground. Keep hands down at sides. Imagine that there is a big tail coming off the end of the spine and wag it. Imagine the tail weighs 100 pounds and try to make it break the wall. Continue for 3 minutes followed by 5 minutes of rest.

3-Lie down on the back. Press the toes forward. Lift both legs three feet up. Start long deep breathing. Continue for 2 to 3 minutes. Inhale – hold briefly and relax.

4-Lying down on the back, bring the legs overhead and catch the toes. Roll back and forth from the base of the spine to the neck. Hold onto the toes and keep rocking for 3 minutes.

5-Sit up immediately in easy pose. As calmly as possible, make a “U” of the right hand and close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand. Use the little finger to close the left nostril. Inhale through the left nostril, exhale through the right. Continue for 3 minutes, then inhale and feel the energy radiate throughout the body, giving health and life.

6-Sit in easy pose. Interlace fingers and thumbs in front of the chest at the heart level with the palms facing the chest. Turn the head left and right. Inhale as the chin goes over the left shoulder, exhale as it turns right. Continue for 3 minutes.

Kundalini Yoga Venus Kriyas


Venus Kriyas are Kundalini Yoga series that are practiced with a partner, if possible shiva/shakti (male/female).

The structure of a Venus Kriya remains the same as the structure of a usual Kudalini Yoga Class : 38 min kriya, 11 min relax, 11 min meditation, with 3xOng Namo at the begining and 3xSat Nam at the end. The difference being that for most of the postures, you practice together, ofte while looking in each other’s pupil.

We will not give a weekly Venus Kriya Class but we will be giving you the opportunity to discover sometimes a Venus Kriya class “as a surprise”. 

Heart Lotus

Sit in Easy Pose or Lotus Pose across from your partner. Look into his or her eyes.

Part 1 Form your hands into a lotus: all your fingers are spread with the hands cupped, and only your little fingers will touch. The man suspends his little fingers under the woman’s little fingers, but the fingers of the partners DO NOT touch. This makes a heart lotus. Look into the soul, the heart of your partner, through the eyes. Continue for 1-1/2 to 3 minutes.

Part 2 Now place one hand over the other at the Heart Center. Close your eyes and meditate on the Heart Center. Go deep within, to the center of your being. Continue for 1-1/2 to 3 minutes.

To End: Inhale deeply and exhale deeply 3 times, then relax.

Pushing Palms (Mitna Kriya)

Sit in Easy Pose facing your partner, knees touching. Look into your partner’s eyes. Place your palms on your partner’s. Begin pushing the palms alternately while rhythmically chanting the Guru Gaitri Mantra: GOBINDAY, MUKANDAY, UDAARAY, APAARAY, HAREEUNG, KAREEUNG, NIRNAAMAY, AKAAMAY The woman chants the entire mantra first, then the man.

Tantra Yoga


DANCE Joins the kundalini yoga

Tantra Yoga is a new yoga technology created and taught by Anand Sharabi, founder of the Ecole du Tantra in France.

This new technology conveys the original practice of kundalini yoga by combining it with dance and meditation, all of which are steeped in the depths of a particular mantra, with varied rhythms.

The result is an amplification of the effects of the yoga sessions as well as the connection to a spirit of celebration and joy that positively stands out from an excessive seriousness that would tend to flatter an eager spiritual ego.

A session of Tantra Yoga takes place in 5 phases of 10 minutes each:

– phase 1: a short series of kundalini exercises on a given mantra

– phase 2: an active dance phase while chanting the same mantra with a joyful musical background

– phase 3: a long and deep relaxation on the same mantra, played on a different tune.

– phase 4: a chanted meditation using the same mantra

– phase 5: a silent meditation sitting in easy pose (crossed legs)



1st Phase : Kriya (series)

1 Camel ride, sit in easy pose put the hands on the ankles and whisper Sat while flexing your spine forward, the neck backward and whisper NAM while flexing your spine backward your neck forward – 3’ – follow-up without relaxation

2-Standing, arms straight up, hook your thumbs, inhale while stretching backward, exhale while laying hands flat between your feet, powerfull breathing –2’30.

Standing Up Relaxation

3-Standing, arms outstretched, fists closed, thumbs pointing to the sky, inhale whielturning left, expires while turning the right – 2 ‘

4-The camel, Long and Deep Breathing (30 “)

Fire Breathing, 30 “

Inhale, Mulabandha

Relax forehead on the ground, buttocks on the heels. 1’30

Then bend the knees against the ears by swinging the arms towards the head 1 ‘

5 SatKriya 

2nd phase – Dance- 10 min

Free dance, eyes 90% closed, with an inner attention, while chanting out loud the mantra : Hevenou SHalom Alei’hem – Robert Yozef Bahr – The sound of Israel”

3rd phase – Relaxation- 10 min

Laying on your back, in Shavasana, feet slightly relaxed in an open position, palms facing the ceiling, let go of any tension while listening to the music : “Allah Hu Akbar – Singing Buddhas – Motion of Devotion”

4rth phase – meditation- 10 min

To develop your radiation, strengthen your magnetic field, protect you from external negativity. Create a state of inner peace.

For each Shalom chanted there is a gesture of the arms and hands (mudras). These gestures follow one after the other in the following way while singing outloud the mantra

1st Shalom: joined hands in the center of the chest

2nd Shalom: arms outstretched on both sides of the body parallel to the ground, palms up

3rd Shalom: hands clasped in front of the forehead

4th Shalom: hands in lotus mudra above the top of the skull (10 cms).

Then we start this cycle all over again


5th phase : silent meditation – 10 min

Allah Hu

Nabhi kriya – 3rd chakra and elimination

1st Phase : Kriya (series)

1-Lie on your back, inhale by lifting the left leg to 90 ° and exhale while resting on the ground. Alternate left legs, right leg for 2 min

2- without relaxing, continue with the following exercise: arms stretched up, palms face to face at 30cms from each other, while maintaining this position of arms raise the 2 legs at 90 ° on inspire and rest them on the exhale 2 ‘.

3- bring your knees to your chest, circle them with your arms and relax 2 min in this position.

4- From the previous position, inhale by spreading the arms crosswise on the floor while raising the legs to 60 °, exhale returning to the initial position 2  min

5- Fold the left leg with the left knee on the chest. While you hold it with both arms, inhale by raising the right jam-be at 90 ° and exhale by lowering it (quickly), during 1 min. Same thing with inverted legs.

6- Standing with arms extended upwards biceps touching the ears hands, make sure that the palms face the ceiling inhale deeply and deeply and then exhale in the same way as you go, slowly touching the ground in front of you with your palms. Continue this motion for 2min.

2nd phase – Dance- 10 min

Free dance, eyes 90% closed, with an inner attention, while chanting out loud the mantra : Allah Hu, musical support : “Allah Hu – Daler Mehndi – Bismillah”

3rd phase – Relaxation- 10 min

Laying on your back, in Shavasana, feet slightly relaxed in an open position, palms facing the ceiling, let go of any tension while listening to the music : “Allah Hu Akbar – Singing Buddhas – Motion of Devotion”

4rth phase – meditation- 10 min

Stimulate the rise of kundalini energy in all chakras

Sited in easy pose, keep your concentration in the 3rd eye.

On the first “Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu Ha” gyan mudra on each knee, on the second place hands in gyan mudra in front of the 2nd chakra, one in front of the other, palms up, on the 3rd, put the fingers in contact with the middle fingers, have the two circles touch each other in front of the navel fingers turned down, on the 4th raise the hands in front of the 4th chakra thumbs and rings in contact, the other fingers turned towards the top, on the 5th place your hands in front of the throat, inches in contact with the little fingers, have 2 circles touch each other by the thumb and the ring finger the other fingers turned up, on the 6th, put them palms of hands on the eyes, on the following musical phase make the lotus mudra above the top of the skull, inhale, exhale, inhale and pull the MB for the duration of the unspoken phase.

When the song starts again, take again the mudra at the beginning (gyan mudra on the knees) and carry on with the rise of the chakras.

Use the music : “Allah Hu – Naqshi-Band-The Way to the prophet”


5th phase : silent meditation- 10 min

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