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Our Mission

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We are a non-lucrative Organization aiming at providing to those who ask for it a container in which they can grow a bit further on their development path.

In order to sustain that mission, we have gathered and integrated a comprehensive offer of practices, experiences, techniques that all collaborate to provide a secure and fertile environment for your growth.

This set of practices as it is offered is a disruptive innovation compared to the usual approach of yoga training, therapy training or tantra training.

The creative process for this new approach has been achieved during the last 35 years by Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou), the Founder of the “Ecole du Tantra” in France who have created the FTKY “Federation de Tantra et Kundalini Yoga”;

We are faithfully following the teachings of Anand Sharabi (Jean Jacques Rigou) who himself received his teachings from pro eminent teachers, of which the 2 main masters are Osho and Yogi Bhajan.

Our Offer


Our innovative integrated humanistic approach can be understood as presenting 3 main characterized practical orientations : 


It’s the structure of our approach, it enables an increased consciousness, a deeper contact with the reality of the body, the emotion and the mind.

It provides a gentle and pleasurable Body-Mind practice that triggers the healing, relaxing and developing processes of the person.

2-Holistic Coaching & Therapy

Since the Kundalini Yoga enables a more intimate relationship with oneself, it follows that it allows a deeper connection with the richness of the unconscious mind resources. 

The Holistic Therapy, with our person centered emotional and energetic approach can supports your ability to identify, heal and integrate the conditioning memories that remain active in the depth of yourself in a non-creative way.

3-Tantra & Tantrism

Tantra is a way of life that combines a “let go” of all concerns with the practical life while keeping a deep involvement in this same practical life.

With a Therapy, you become free or your conditioning, neurosis and memories. With the Kundalini Yoga Practice, your become more sensitive, deeper, more intimate with yourself. With the Tantra you learn to rejoice and create your own path.

Yoga is an experience

Practice, learn and gather with a mindful community unlike any other.

In connection to these 3 orientations, we provide the 2 following services : 


Our teachings dynamic is based on the giver-seeker relationship. A part of the group has the ability to help another, and is willing to do so. Another part of the group has the request to be helped and has the courage to ask for it. We call it : the golden chain

If, while practicing yoga, while enjoying the benefits of the Therapy and the Tantric approach you want to become a giver, we provide an innovative education approach that will allow you not only to acquire the skills and knowledge to do so but you’ll live the necessary inner transformation that comes with the acquisition with this kind of soft skills. 


There is no better master than yourself, there is no deeper teachings than that of your attention to whatever happens in the moment.

There is one particular moment, when you’re on your mat with no other design than to go deeper in intimacy with your own experience of being yourself.

In a Kundalini Yoga class, you practice and learn how to practice.

During your personal practice, alone, on your own, you deepen your experience to such an extend.


What is the relationship between tantra, yoga and therapy

Yoga and Therapy are both great techniques to grow and heal. They can be arranged in a way that they collaborate in a humanistic way – thus combining the techniques and wisdom of the past (Yoga) with the latest research and discoveries in human development therapy (therapy, coaching and counseling)

Tantra is a way of life, a state of being. There are no “tantric techniques”, there are only containers that enable each of the participants to “tap” into their own innate ability to embrace life in a full and loving way.

Yoga helps to be more intimate with yourself, and to develop your own consciousness of your own functioning, own thoughts, own emotions, own self.

Therapy helps to uncover and heal the memories, conditioning that govern your behaviors and views on things, from the backstage of your unconscious

Both Yoga and Therapy can bind together to open your own self to a tantric way of life.

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