White Tantra Montreal

White tantra montreal

White Tantra Montreal

A  White Tantra session is a very powerful ritual that works to purify and release the creative energy, where it is blocked, in all dimensions of being (bodily, emotional, psychic andspiritual).

The White Tantra, is of a great spiritual depth. Healing karmic injuries, awakening of Kundalini energy, experiences of expansion of consciousness and openness of the heart are among the many benefits that can be expected from this ancestral practice long secretive and difficult to access.

By celebrating the union of male and female principles within as well as with a partner, we recreate the sacred link between the sex, the heart and the spirit in a deep communion of soul to soul with his partner.

White Tantra is practiced in pairs, sitting face to face, in line with other pairs. The pairs are guided in specific exercises that use the main elements of Kundalini Yoga: (posture, mantra, breathing, rhythm, concentration etc).

The Magnetic fields and energies of two partners merge and participate in a powerful flow of energy. This flow promotes the opening of chaka and energy cleaning of all participants.

This White Tantra is guided by Arnand Sharabi (Jean-Jacques Rigou), founding director of the Ecole du Tantra and FTKY : (Tantra-Kundalini Yoga Federation). He has been devoting himself for over 30 years to studying and practical lessons from the tradition of TANTRA. He was successively disciple of Yogi Bhajan & Osho, two of the great contemporary tantric masters who have contributed most to radiation of this tradition in the western world.

His research and experience in the field of transpersonal psychology led him to build bridges between the Tantric tradition and
the new approaches of the human being proposed by the contemporary psychology.

White Tantra, as it was transmitted to him by Yogi Bhajan, constitutes the quintessence of the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

Open to all and everyone in couple or not.

No prerequisites or practice of Kundalini Yoga requested.





8506 rue Saint-Denis, Montréal

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White tantra montreal