Tantra Encounter Group Retreats

Holistic coaching and therapy - tantra encounter retreats

Tantra Encounter Retreats

Tantra encounter retreats are containers designed to welcome those who have a desire to heal or transform themselves using the holistic humanist approach.

This group therapy uses both the wisdom of the past (tantra, meditation, yoga) and the latest discoveries in the science of therapy and coaching (person centered approach, gestalt therapy, bioenergy, familly constellation, holotropic breathwork, etc..) to offer an integrated set of tools to help persons who have a desire to grow, expand or heal heal

How can benefit from Tantra Encounter Retreats

  • all those who want to discover Tantra in its initiatic aspect, beyond the cliches and vulgarization that have too often tarnished its image.
  • those who suffer, who are “not feeling at their place” or who want to solve a personal difficulty on the emotional or relational level, overcome a difficulty, find help in a situation they can not get out on their own.

Whatever the motivation for starting, you should know that the Tantra Encounter Groups are more than just “group therapy ” aiming at relieving sufferings. They are above all a privileged place for a process of self-knowledge, personal development, improvement of one’s relationship to others.

We do practice different healing methods within the Tantra Encounter Groups and above others we practice the “healing the ignorance of oneself”, of one’s own resources, as well as the ignorance of others that keeps us locked up in the prison of ego.

It teaches us to become aware of what is in oneself and around oneself, and to give oneself the means to no longer be a helpless victim.

Beyond sectarian attitudes, are practiced above all : tolerance, non-judgment, acceptance of the other and of oneself.

One can find there support and the means to grow inside in the development of all dimensions of his/her being.

Everyone can walk at his own pace on “the way” that leads to the source of love, consciousness and freedom.

Program and method

In these groups, the focus is on the actually lived experience rather than on the learned knowledge. The techniques used, whether physical (bodywork free dance, yoga, dynamic meditation) psychological (games of encounter with each other, work on emotions, learning to listen, etc …) or energy (bio- energy, catharsis, chakra work, tantra-yoga) are meant to increase consciousness beyond the limitations of the ego.

A true “alchemy of energy” takes place in the “crucible” formed by the group creating the conditions in each one for the transformation to be accomplished, where it is necessary.

The workshops proposed come as games, scenarios and specific techniques borrowed from modern approaches used by the therapies of the humanist and “transpersonal” (Bio-energy, Gestalt, Encounter, Rebirth, etc …) all destined to unblock the energy where our complexes, our fears, our lacks crystallize.

These approaches complement more traditional techniques such as tantra-yoga (based on Venus-Kriyas practiced as a couple), Sufi dance, meditation. We also use massage and all techniques to develop the sensitivity and openness of the body, open the heart and calm the mind to find the inner silence.

This work is done inside an “encounter group” whose goal is to help each participant clarify their own difficulties and overcome them by using the group as “therapist”. It is a unique opportunity to challenge oneself, to confront oneself with its internal and external contradictions, both affective and social. The goal is to release the weight of the emotions related to the difficulties of each one. It is also an apprenticeship of “savoir faire” and “savoir-être” that allow you to feel good about yourself, to have good relations with others and above all with oneself, a prelude essential to any progress on an initiatory way.





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Holistic coaching and therapy - tantra encounter retreats