Tantra Encounter Group Evenings

Tantra encounter group evenings

Tantra encounter group evenings

Tantra encounter groups evenings are playful moments of self discovery.

Through a series of interpersonal games and workshops, you’ll be invited to meet other persons like you and to open up while giving them the opportunity to open up.

We will be facilitating activities such as bodywork, touch dance, free dance, yoga, dynamic meditation, games of encounter with each other, eye gazing, work on emotions, learning to listen, emotional release, bio- energy, catharsis, chakra work, tantra-yoga…. all of which are meant to increase consciousness beyond the limitations of the ego.


The main benefits you can find during or after your experience in a tantra encounter group evening could be :

  • a heightened feeling of self worth, self confidence, self knowledge, self acceptance and self appreciation
  • a deeper contact with yourself, your body, your emotions, your inner reactions and a better ability to be in accord with these reactions
  • a greater ease in making contact with other persons, an ease to consider the other person’s feelings and an better acceptance to be considered by others
  • some more relaxed feeling when being the focus of a group of person (track, speaking in public, being an active part of a group..)
  • a relaxation of formerly disabling destructive habits
  • a better connection with your inner guide; a better understanding of what matters most in your life and a better ability to let go of the old to make room for the new and the creative

Tantra encounter group retreats

This is the perfect introduction if you consider coming to one of our tantra encounter group retreat, which is bacisally the same “types of tools” brought to a higher level considering we have the time and space to allow longer workohops to happen and a deeper connection to be wrought between the participants





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Tantra encounter group evenings