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A direct access to a Meditation state

Osho Active Meditations are great moments of direct access to meditation. We usually perceive meditation as a long an arduous training through which one must slowly wear out every part of his/her Ego and through this discipline, one day may be feel what is the state of meditation.
With Osho Active Meditations, it’s quite different.
These meditations are designed to bring anyone, even a first timer, to the state of meditation, with no delay. These Active Meditations are numerous but when we practice them we can see a pattern linking them : they disable the logical mind. And one lives through a sensory experience while the logical mind is disabled, well, that is the key to meditation.
These disabling methods are various, it can be
– trembling : like in the kundalini meditation
– breathwork : like in chakra breathing or in gourishankar or chakra breathing
– whirling : like in whirling or heart chakra meditation
– eye gazing : link in gourishankar
Or it can be all of them at the same time, check our Osho Active Meditation info

Once the feeling of Mediation discovered you’ll never forget it !

Once you have experience the feeling of meditation thanks to one instance of Osho Active Meditation, you will never forget it, and you will carry it with you in your daily life, during your work, your karma yoga, and you will be able to refer to this feeling during your yoga practice.

During your practice, whether you are in a pose or during a meditation practice, you just have to relax, get back inside of you and find this place where the logical mind shuts down, you know where it is now that you’ve been there at least once. In that place, you can discover what the pose, the breathwork, the flow of energy inside of your reveals to you. And learn and relax furthermore.





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Yoga-Meditation- Osho Active Meditation