Kundalini Yoga Retreats

Yoga & Me - kundalini yoga retreatsKundalini yoga retreats

Kundalini Yoga Retreats

These are one-to-seven-day retreats, focused on a particular theme: breathing, meditation, the 4 elements,  sacred sexuality

You will practice, with more time, intensity and depth than during weekly classes, physical exercises sometimes very dynamic, various forms of breathing and meditation sometimes active and chanted, you will experience the power of mantras, energetic sounds consecrated by a millennium practice.

Sharing circles will give you the opportunity to speak out your feelings, to share your experiences, to put in words important subtle perceptions on your path of consciousness.

Specific workshops focusing on the themes of the retret will be offered to allow you to go deeper into the experience

Part of the pre training and the teacher training program

Whether your goal is to become a yoga teacher or a holistic therapist, or if you simply want to use these retreats to heal or discover yourself, the powerful container that are our Kundalini Yoga retreats will help you get in touch with parts of yourself that are usually inaccessible. We will facilitate the workshops of yoga, meditations and rituals so that you can find on your own the  inner resources necessary to bring light to the places your need to at that moment.

Our Teacher training program leads you into experimenting, and therefore learning those techniques from the inside, discovering through your senses, through your body & energy, the reality of what a human really can discover using amazingly simple techniques : attention, breathing, posture, patience & acceptance

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Our teachings come from Anand Sharabi who was a direct disciple of Yogi Bhajan and was invited to open an Ashram in Bordeaux, France. After his training he opened the Ashram and following the steps of his master, he created the Ecole du Tantra in France, an initiatory Kundalini Yoga mystery school teaching not only Kundalini Yoga and the ways to liberation but as well a whole range of self development techniques helping in that enterprise.





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Yoga & Me - kundalini yoga retreatsKundalini yoga retreats