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A self healing & discovering process

The Unconscious mind is our great ressource

Our unconscious mind is much wider than Sigmund Freud thought it was. It’s even wider than Carl Gustav Jung proved it years latter.

Our unconscious has its roots in the very nature of reality, it includes our body and its functions, our current life’s memories as well as those of our conception. It includes as well the memories of our lineage and even contains (we can experience it through practice) the memories of what existed before our lineage.

Our Unconscious mind is not, as Sigmund Freud feared a place where the human person represses his impulses, it’s the place where all our ressources, all our creativity, all our abilities come from. It’s the place of our Genious self. Connecting to our unconscious connects us to our inner potential and our own sens of freedom

A journey into a no ordinary state of consciousness

Holistic comes from “Holos”, the Greek work meaning “Totality” and from “Tropos” that means “towards”. So Holistic means “toward the totality”.

This  powerful Pranayama (breathing technique), helps you change your state of consciousness. In everyday life, we have a “utilitarian” state of consciousness, we live and see the world from an utilitarian point of view. We categorize and recognize things, we make cause and effect links with what happens, we try to learn from our experiences and try to relate our current experience with our past experiences and knowledge. This is the definition of “being in the world of illusion”, or “being in one’s own karma”, which can be seen as : not living the moment, being turned towards the past, not being opened to experience, etc..

Holistic breathing opens one’s mind to a non ordinary state of consciousness where the usual thinking shrinks to be replaced by other ways of perceiving reality. When in this non ordinary state of consiousness that some describe as a shamanic journey or a journey into the memories or a journey into one’s own sensual feelings, many things can happen, among which, we often find :

  • realistic visions, or auditory hallucinations, usually connected to our past history, personal history, peri-uterine (around your own birth), trans generational (from your lineage)
  • experiencing or re experiencing of powerful emotional discharge, sometimes crying or shouting
  • autonomous movement of the body, involuntary movements of stretching,
  • feeling of being someone something else, sometimes an animal, or a grain of sand or the totality of the universe
  • a profound feeling of relaxation
  • spiritual experiences like great expansions or seeing through reality or meeting an archetypal being
  • etc..

Your journey is unique and nobody knows what is going to happen

Eash session of Holistic Breathwork is different. You can come to the session with a strong desire to contact a certain aspect of yourself and you will contact another aspect. The process is a process of let go. The very desire to orient the journey will disable the journey entirely.

Yet, from pour experience, we have witnessed that the journey you’ll be taking is wisely chosen for you. You concussions mind, what Car Gustav Jung used to call the “self” has an intelligence of its own and knows what is best for you to discover, where you are, in this position in your life.

A safe journey

From pour experience, we know that a well facilitated Holistic breathwork is safe. There are two safegards that make it so

  1. you remain conscious during the whole process. You are the witness of whatever happens. A relaxed and calm witness while your own autonomous process can be very dynamic and emotionally challenging. This workshop only works through your agreed “let go”. If, during your journey, you find your experience to be too challenging or simply because you do not want to go in that direction, you can stop the process at any moment. Just back to a normal breathing, the effects will cease immediately
  2. our experience shows that whatever happens during a Holistic workshop session happens because you’re able to take it. You unconscious mind know where you are, in this workhsop but as well in your life, he knows what you can afford as a challenge, he knows his feeling about the trust you have about the facilitators and the container, he knows if you’re following a therapy or not and how it’s going. He knows everything needed to know if this or that journey is the journey for you, today.

So, in short, you have an automatic regulation of your experience (2) as well as a volontary (1). It’s safe

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Holistic Coaching and Therapy - Workshosps - Holotropic Breathwork