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Yoga Kundalini, Does it work ?

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Our students say

…”I immediately felt this yoga very interesting, thanks to its powerful techniques, like the mediation, the practice, the mantras, the pranayamas. It helped me find who I really was and learn how to accept things as they are”…


…”I found this yoga very respectful of what each person really is. Compared to other yoga I’ve tried in the past, the practice was not the usual uncomfortable stretching postures, it was less directive… Quickly I discovered it improved my self esteem, my self knowledge, my self acceptance“…


…”There is a good balance between physical practice, relaxation and meditation (these are the three stages of the course). I come out of this course in great shape, feeling good in my body and clear, serene ideas. I have energy to spare (pity it’s 9:00 pm ^ ^)!”…

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…”Beyond that, I quickly felt the soothing and deeply “stirring” effects of this alternating physical effort and meditative pause.

I believe that what Kundalini Yoga gives me most is the discovery of sensations and ways of being to myself that I did not suspect.”…

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…”All this to say that kundalini yoga is a journey towards oneself, towards others and the world around us. It is therefore a moment of intense happiness where I refuel and energize.”…

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Yoga & Me Ottawa-Gatineau - Schedule


Yoga & Me Ottawa-Gatineau - 9 years of teaching and support experience

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Yoga is an experience

Practice, learn and gather with a great community of students & teachers unlike any other.

What’s Hot with Y&M ?


40 days sadhana challenge

We arrange morning sadhana practice challenges among our community. A good start with a group sadhand, then everybody supports each other on their personal practices.


One a month we arrange a free yoga morning sadhana in one of our studio (or if the weather enables it outdoor). Sadhana is not a yoga class, it’s a yoga practice.




One a month we arrange a free yoga morning sadhana in one of our studio (or if the weather enables it outdoor). Sadhana is not a yoga class, it’s a yoga practice.



Our School is designed to foster a community dynamics. Each member, if he demands it receiving help from others and each member, if he wishes it giving help to others – We call it the Golden Chain

When Can I find a Yoga Class in Ottawa & Gatineau ?

19 Classes/week

WHERE can I find a Yoga Class in Ottawa & Gatineau ?

Classes in 4 Studios in Ottawa & Gatineau

Workshops & retreats Around Ottawa & Gatineau

What is the Price ?

Yoga must Reach High Quality while remaining cheap and Low cots for all



unlimited access to 19 classes/week for 1 full month



1 classes/week, with a 10 month plan

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Why Yoga & me – Ottawa Gatineau?

There are plenty of yoga classes in Ottawa and Gatineau, why should I come to Yoga&Me ?


More than Just Yoga

At Yoga & Me we help you benefit from Yoga “as it was meant to be”.

Yoga is a body mind practice aiming at providing to those who practice it benefits on all levels, physical of course, but emotional, psychological, sensual and spiritual levels. All these levels are connected and inter dependent

Practicing Kundalini yoga with Y&M approach goes beyond what is usually expected from a yoga class. Your practice can help you discover yourself, heal unhealed pas wounds, see clearer in your life, open to a new array of sensation or sensuality, find new resources..



Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini  Yoga is as simple and efficient tool to reaching your inner reality, through tailored – in class experiences.

This technique transcends itself in that it is a gateway to a much deeper access to your inner reality that lets you open up creatively to the outer reality.

This Yoga is said to be “the highway towards ego liberation”


Holistic Approach

As humans, we experience the world in many ways, material, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.. There is no limiting our experience

We are here to help you expand in every aspect of this living experience.


Live Kundalini Teaching

Our teaching is ancient, yet alive. We went to a real, living, master in France to fetch a living and ever evolving education. Most of the other yoga classes refer to an ancient tradition where most of the subtle parts have been lost, leaving only the skeleton of a once grand teaching.



For those of you who want to go deeper down the rabbit hole, we have a set of holistic tools that come to support your questioning, beyond Yoga.

The latest researches in Humanistic Self Development and Therapy have been included by the “Ecole du Tantra” in France and we are proud to offer today those : holotropic breathwork, encounter groups, Osho meditations, inipi, etc..

Our toolbox Yoga Coaching & Therapy

For those of you who want to go deeper in their self discoveries and expansion, we have a set of holistic tools supporting your question, beyond Yoga.

The latest researches in Humanistic Self Development and Therapy have been included by the “Ecole du Tantra” in France and we are proud to offer it today in North America : Humanistic Coachinng & Therapy, Holotropic Breathwork, Tantra Encounter Groups, Osho Active Meditations, Tantric Inipi, etc..


Our yoga Classes in Ottawa and Gatineau

In a Nutshell

Yoga & Me Approach in a Nutshel


Dynamic Yoga, relaxation, meditation

It is a simple and accessible yoga that provides daily postural foundations.
The work focuses on energy, muscle building, development of respiratory functions, relaxation of the body in postures, general tone and postural reeducation.
Relaxation and stress reduction, physical and mental, occur with alternate dynamic postures and static relaxations.

The attention and respect built during the practice allows a listening of oneself opening spaces of interior knowledge.
It allows a revitalization of the body, elimination of toxins, a general relaxation, the development of resistance and tonicity and develops access to creative spaces.

Each yoga class allows you to go further in the experimentation and the knowledge of each plan of your being, from the heaviest to the most subtle: body, emotion, energy, mental, conscience …

THE YOGA SCHOOL, a Tradition, the way oF Yoga

Yoga&Me Ottawa Gatineau offers a practice rooted in the oldest oriental initiatory tradition: the Kundalini Yoga or the “Yoga of the royal way” because it was considered as such in India.

Our school follows the traditional teaching transmitted to the West by Yogi Bhajan.

 A holistic approach to being – a path to self

The experience of Kundalini Yoga, particularly profound for Westerners, has invited the “Ecole du Tantra” to integrate the latest advances in humanistic sciences, completing, during the last 35 years, the yoga traditional approach with a real path of personal development, healing and self-consciousness. This complementary approach is now available in Canada, Quebec, Ottawa-Gatineau

THE KUNDALINI YOGA, a Way of manifestation

Serenity in everyday life.

The forms of practices on the path of self-awakening have found two seemingly opposite ways : the Ascetic way and the Tantric ways.

The ascetic ways – ways of renunciation, withdrawal and inaction.
It involves a withdrawal from the world.
The Tantric ways – ways of welcome, acceptance and action.

Tantra enables realization through incarnation, that is to say, it invites us to accept the world as it is while allowing a profound transformation of the self to take place in order to develop its capacity to “be in harmony with the world “and unleash its creative potential.
To be in agreement does not mean “not to act”, on the contrary, it means to act from the deepest of oneself.
To be in agreement is before all to be in harmony with oneself, one’s desires, one’s impulses, one’s fears … And it is in agreement with oneself that one starts to act precisely, to transform the world which surrounds him, his relations with his loved ones, himself.
To be in agreement is to be in love, it is to become aware, with a benevolent eye, it is to be free, it is to allow the transformation into oneself.

The Tantric Way, A way adapted to the morden World

In that perspective, the tantric way is the most adapted to the Western world. Kundalini Yoga, through its experiences of access to ones personal resources, through its action on the brain, glands, blood, allows to “rise in consciousness” and extend the practice out of the yoga room.

“Practicing Kundalini Yoga 1h a day is practicing Kundalini Yoga all day long” (Yogi Bhajan)

Through this yoga, the being is at the same time more sensitive and stronger, more able to face the challenges of life, more able to rejoice, to give and to receive love, more able to change the world in which he lives.

Yogi Bhajan said in this sense that “Kundalini Yoga was an accelerator of a natural phenomenon: the upcoming of the New Man.”

Workshops & Retreats

Deepen the practice

The regular practice of yoga is the motor on the path of openness and access to your vital potential.

Workshops & Retreats are powerful moments to deepen your access to this practice.

Various courses are offered in the region of Ottawa, Gatineau and Montreal – Quebec – Canada
Yoga-Meditation intensives in the morning, each month offer you a more advanced practice of meditations, kriyas, relaxations.
Yoga-Meditation retreats during the day (2d-3d) also offer body expression workshops and harmonization circles to go further in the experience.
Encounter Tantra Groups Retreats, during the weekend (3d-4d) invite you on the path of exploring yourself in an adventure of personal development, opening the way to an inner alchemy.
The Hiking Yoga-Meditation experience will take you on an adventure towards you and the nature.

THE BENEFITS Kundalini Yoga

Deepen the practice

Regular yoga classes can help you:

• Maintain your health, by strengthening your body and your vital energy (preventing diseases).
• Awaken your joy of life and your optimism.
• Move with greater serenity the trials of life (anti-stress)
• Rejuvenate yourself in vital energy and learn how to manage it.
• Achieve a restful sleep
• Find your center, listen to yourself (and others).
• Better manage and open yourself to your emotions.
• Give meaning to your psychological and physical difficulties, better apprehend them and thus improve your relationship with others in your family and professional circles.
• Develop an awareness of what is happening in you and around you to find positive and creative attitudes
• Increase your ability to give and receive love
• Lose weight, by regaining your natural weight of full vitality

A Kundalini yoga class

• Allows you to experiment with simple, diverse and varied techniques meeting your personal goals and priority goals.
• Is open to all, without limitations due to your physical condition, age or disability.
• Does not require adherence to a belief system or any other religious or philosophical system. The practice of Yoga would rather invite you to free yourself from any intolerant and secular belief or attitude.




I'm not flexible - can I do Yoga ?

Yes you can
Yoga is not about flexibility, Yoga is about becoming sensitive and conscious of what happens inside of you and who you are at the feeling level.

During a Kundalini Yoga class you practice a wide range of postures, you use your respiratory system, you focus your mind in a certain way – these are all techniques designed for that same purpose : increase your feeling, triggering your consciousness process and getting acquainted with your own inner world.

Some of these techniques, when practiced long enough can make you flexible – and Yoga has been associated with this iconography – but what really is at work here is your feeling and stage of body-mind while attempting to take the posture…not the posture in itself. To take an extreme example, an over flexible person will have a hard time reaching the appropriate state of mind, since the posture will not provide the required effect on his/her metabolism.

To be remembered : yoga is not being flexible, it’s the moment of consicousness and the transformation that comes with the effort in that direction

What if I can't do a pose ?

As described in the previous question : the aim of a pose is to help you feel and discover what is to be discovered while attempting to attain it.

Kundalini Yoga has very few postures that are hard or potentially harmful to attempt. For instance we do not have headstands or any other vertebrae hazardous postures. So anybody can attempt any Kundalini Posture.

Above that, we stress the importance of respecting one’s own capacity and encourage the students to “adapt the posture to their capacities of the moment” or, when a strain feels too high, to “release the posture, the time needed for a short rest and then getting back into the posture” – that moment of decision if it’s possible to “keep up” or “let go” being one of the center teaching of the technique itself.

Do I need to make a reservation for class or just show up ?

Yes you do have to set up an appointment with your yoga teacher right before the class starts. Thus you need to arrange a meeting with him/her

Kundalini Yoga is a simple set of delicate yet powerful techniques that requires some basic explanations beforehand in order to work. Without these “key elements”, you are likely to practice the whole session all right but not feel any of the desired effects. You would then draw a logical conclusion, that kundalini yoga is “only that”.

Not having this encounter with the teacher before the class would be like going to a classical concert with earplugs, you can rejoice all right but you will remain simply not away of the refinement of the symphony.

A simple call, sms or email can set this appointment.

Furthermore, without the key information, an unaware student would become a disturbance for the subscribed students of the class and the teacher has the duty not to allow that.



I don't see the relationship between yoga and therapy, why have them associated ?

Well, a proper therapy approach is a way of having human innate healing  processes triggered to foster natural development to follow one’s own direction of healing.

There are of course “externally initiated therapies” that help “on the layers” of human behavior to adjust for a short amount of time, like behaviorism or Freudian therapy but it lacks the energy and lasting effect of the depth therapy that humanistic therapy succeed to tap into.

So, a way of seeing an actual healing and freeing process working is to trigger the back and forth movement between conscious understanding of oneself and the ability to express this same self multi facetted reality.

Yoga is a way of feeling its deeper self and therapy is a way of seeing and accepting that same self – both are made to co operate.

What are the specifics of your therapeutic approach ?

Our Therapeutic approach can be roughly grasped as follows : it’s a person centered therapy as Carl Rogers initiated it that has evolved with the integration of the recent abreactions techniques that bioenergetics and humanistic therapy have brought by. In top of that, you have to add the integration of the transpersonal realities of the  patients (postnatal, prenatal, intra uterine, trans generational and transpersonal ) and you have a comprehensive therapy system. One of the specifics of our approach is as well the existence of a healing process that enables not only to identify the memories and the reason why neurosis are in place but that gives us as well the means to heal these past memories.

In short, the approach comprises the following :

  • person centered therapy
  • non judgmental – non diagnostical
  • all accepting – all compassionate
  • able to follow the patient’s reality wherever it finds its unbalance
  • mind-body-emotional reality taken into account with bioenergy – analysis- etc..
  • healing process that releases and cures the essence of the sufferings and limitations

I'm currently in therapy and would like to try Holistic Therapy, does it make sens ?

Yes it does, there is only one place where unity must be achieved and it’s inside of yourself.
The discoveries, healings and release you can find in your current therapy is compatible with the ones you’ll find in our Holistic Therapy approach.

The center of our therapy is to welcome the way you are with the directions you have and the goals you have.

Our approach is non dogmatic, non oriented and would rather help you prevent any believing in a belief system.

You can simply relax and experiment our therapeutic approach as a complement to the current therapeutic that has been a resource for you until then.

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